Kids Chase After Botanic Gardens Otters, Wildlife Group Advises To Keep A Safe Distance

Kids Chasing Otters At Botanic Gardens Prompt Wildlife Group To Issue Advisory

Otter sightings have become more commonplace Singapore, as they frolic in the heart of town, nature reserves, and even condominiums.

While they tend to roam freely, an otter family at Botanic Gardens were tailed by a group of enthusiastic children recently. The scene prompted Facebook group Ottercity to issue a gentle advisory.


Concerned for the otters, they advise the public to keep a safe distance from the animals.

Excited kids chase after otters at Botanic Gardens

Facebook page Ottercity shared a video clip of kids chasing a romp of otters yesterday (15 Apr). Explaining that doing so is discouraged, they went on to provide tips on how to safely interact with the creatures.

According to Ottercity, there are 2 main rules to take note of.

Firstly, one should not shout and chase after the otters, as this might startle them and cause them to split from their family.


Secondly, petting them is a big no-no. As adorable as they are, smooth-coated otters have sharp teeth. Since they might get defensive, it’s best to stay out of their way.


Hence, observing them from a safe distance is the best way to go.

Netizens share same sentiments & recommendations

Many netizens chimed in on this PSA, with some giving valid suggestions on how to protect the animals.

One user suggested putting up signages similar to the one near the Singapore flyer.


Another mentioned that it’s on the onus of parents to educate their kids on these safety measures.


This user was concerned about the potential aftermath if an otter ended up biting back as a defense mechanism.


We’re sure many appreciate the presence of otters in our city, hence, we’d want them to be able to live well too.

Keep a safe distance from otters

In order to protect ourselves and also importantly, the otters, we should keep a distance when encountering them.

As adorable as they are, otters are known to be ‘river wolves’ for a good reason.

Therefore, we should stick to marvelling at them from afar, and snapping photos or videos for memory.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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