Otter Family Takes A Dip In Luxe Sentosa Condo Pool, Has Fun Day Living The High SES Life

Romp Of Otters Have Field Day At Sentosa Condo Pool

Sunbathing and having a whale of a time at the pool or beach is one of Singaporeans’ favourite way to spend the weekends.

For a family of otters, they seemed to have inducted themselves well into this recreational hobby — but this time, at an atas condo at Sentosa.


The otter family was seen at The Coast @ Sentosa making full use of the luxurious pool at the property.

Otter sighted frolicking about private Sentosa property

According to a post shared in Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group, the OP shared an adorable video of a romp of otters enjoying pool time at a condominum located in Sentosa.


After taking a dip on one side of the ginormous pool, they decided to change things up and, well, move to the other side of it.

Clearly, The Coast @ Sentosa’s swimming pool became a playground for them.


The scene of otters having fun was an absolutely hysterical sight, much to the videographer’s enjoyment.


How the otters managed to access the premises remains to be a mystery, but we sure hope they had a blast exploring the beautiful place.


The Coast @ Sentosa is definitely a far cry from the canals and beaches these otters are typically used to.

Netizens amused by cute otter sighting at Sentosa

While otter sightings are pretty commonplace in Singapore in recent days, spotting them in your property typically isn’t a regular occurrence.

This netizen made a comment in jest comparing “onsen monkeys in Japan” to “pool dipping otters in Singapore”.


For the uninitiated, there actually is an onsen for monkeys in Japan. Blessed be the monkeys in the land of the rising sun.


The Jigokudani Monkey Park is home to Japanese macaques — take a relaxing bath in the famous hot spring with monkeys as your companion.

Another user commented the same sentiments that the majority of us have in mind.


What a blessed life indeed.

Hope they had fun at the Sentosa condo’s pool

Starting the weekends off with cute sightings of otters is for sure a fantastic way to lift one’s mood.

We’re glad that the wildlife – otters or snakes alike – are treated with much respect in our little red dot.

However, if one if is unsure of how to handle certain encounters with any sort of animal species, err on the side of caution and contact NParks immediately here.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Facebook.

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