Our Tampines Hub Directory Used By Lost Kid To Search For Mother, But It Doesn’t Have Any Answers

We’re always searching for love, whether it’s the love of a significant other or the love of our parents.

Now if only it could be found by simply clicking on a search bar in some device.

Perhaps too used to getting answers easily online, one kid decided that the electronic directory of a mall could find all the answers he needs — even in his search for his mother.


Touchscreen directory helps clueless shoppers

The amusing sight was seen in Our Tampines Hub, according to a Facebook post by POWER 98 Love Songs.

The mall has these electronic touchscreen directories now commonplace in most malls.

They’re really convenient for clueless shoppers to find (almost) whatever they want in the mall.

But they can be used to find only shops or facilities in the mall — not people, unfortunately.

Thus, one kid’s quest to find his mother via one of these touchscreen directories was doomed to failure.


Lost kid was in primary school

According to the member of the public who took the photo, the lost kid was in primary school, and about 11 or 12 years old.

Now, many primary school kids already have a handphone, but his mother may not have allowed him to use one, or he may have lost it.

And out of desperation, he thought that instead of asking an actual person like the information counter staff or a security guard, he should consult an electronic directory.


Perhaps he really couldn’t find anyone to help him, or he was more comfortable with devices — after all, he’s part of the digital generation.

Unfortunately, as we can see, no result was offered by the directory.

Mom found child in the end

Nevertheless, his mom managed to find the child in the end, according to the person who took the photo.

It wasn’t revealed how the reunion was able to take place, but a mother’s love definitely has its own radar that trumps anything an electronic directory can offer.

We’re glad he was found — or the mall directory will have some serious questions to answer.

The next innovation in mall directories?

We think, however, that the kid may have stumbled upon a great idea for future innovations in mall directories.

Why not update them to be able to find people? After all, we’re already getting people to use TraceTogether tokens.

It might be feasible to use them to locate people in a specific area, perhaps through the scanning of the QR codes behind.

Or perhaps we’re staying too much into science fiction territory — old-school parenting may still be the best.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook.