PCK Covid-19 Song Is Our Anthem During The Crisis

Those old enough to remember the 2003 SARS outbreak would probably recall the hit rap by popular TV character Phua Chu Kang (PCK).

Well, now PCK is back with a catchier tune for the Covid-19 outbreak, titled “Singapore Be Steady!”. You can watch the full clip here:

Sporting his signature sturdy perm and yellow boots, he reminds Singaporeans to observe good personal hygiene and even addresses the panic-buying pandemic.

Don’t share fake information or panic buy at supermarkets

2 characteristics that many Singaporeans embody are being kancheong and kiasu.

We’re quick to share any viral news without verifying information, and rush to be the first for everything, including hoarding groceries from the supermarket.

These habits aren’t helpful, especially in crucial times like now, during the Covid-19 outbreak.

For that reason, PCK advises people to only share verified news from official sites. Particularly, updates like Ministry of Health (MOH) press releases are the safest options.


Likewise to avoid unnecessary panic, shoppers should only buy what they need at supermarkets instead of stockpiling.

After all, the government has reminded us time and again that there’s more than enough to go around.

Things are different “but Singapore be steady”

Unlike the SARS outbreak which was limited to Asia, the Covid-19 pandemic has become a scary global crisis.

Acknowledging that, PCK repeats a new catchphrase throughout the music video:

Things different already. But Singapore be steady.


Of course, we can’t “be steady” without the tireless efforts of our frontline workers like medical staff, public transport drivers and more, who do their best to serve the country despite the greater health risks.


And of course, not forgetting the greater attention to personal health and hygiene, which people are hopefully observing, what with masks and hand sanitisers selling out everywhere.

Let’s do our parts to stop the spread of Covid-19

With daily Covid-19 case counts achieving consistent new highs lately, doing our parts to help prevent the spread is more important than ever.

Travel restrictions are in order, so there’s already no way around that.

But even in Singapore, remember to stay clean, practice social distancing and stay home if you’re feeling unwell. Seek medical attention if the condition persists.

We have to do so little as regular civilians, but this will help a lot. Let’s fight Covid-19 together.

Featured image adapted from YouTube.