Kinokuniya Is Selling This Perpetual Disappointment Diary For $25

2020 has been a tumultuous year, filled with racial unrest, nerve-wrecking elections, and of course, navigating a global pandemic.

This year has been challenging, to say the least.

To truly capture the essence of 2020, Kinokuniya is selling a product that is such a big mood — the Perpetual Disappointments Diary.


This hilariously depressing diary even has a page full of excuses to ready yourself for the upcoming eventful holiday season.

A diary that realistically captures our perpetual disappointments

In such an unprecedented year, you might just want to switch your usual annoyingly cheery and inspirational diary for a more realistic one.

The Perpetual Disappointments Diary describes itself as a “downbeat journal for pessimists, cynics and losers everywhere”.

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Complete with realistic journaling prompts, boring crosswords, useful phrases and pointless doodles, you can’t find a more relatable book.

One thing’s for sure, with ‘demotivational’ proverbs like “If not now then whenever”, it won’t leave you feeling guilty about how unproductive you’ve been.

From the moment you flip the diary open, you’ll be greeted by a series of sad faces.


That definitely sets the tone of perpetual disappointment right from the get go.

Be ready for the same shit, different year in 2021

As we wrap up 2020, this might just be the perfect diary to help you start your new year with realistic resolutions.

After all, we remember how our lofty resolutions went this year. At least now we know better than to jot down ‘travel more’.

So under the ‘Same shit, different year’ resolutions page for the new year, this time round, perhaps more achievable goals would be things like getting vaccinated in 2021.


This diary even helps you with your social life. Well, ‘help’ being subjective here.

The contacts section lets you record the information of all your imaginary friends, so you can pretend like there are 7 of them you can meet in Phase 3.

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Introverts who are perfectly happy on their own would appreciate the ‘Excuse Generator’, a roadmap to the perfect excuse to get you out of any social situation.

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Fair warning that some of the excuses are rather questionable, but will definitely make for a good laugh.

Reflection questions with a side of humour

That’s not all the Perpetual Disappointments Diary has to offer.

Just like all your other diaries by productivity experts, this one is not lacking in helping you keep track of your life.

Everything depressingly real from weight gained to debt accumulated and public shamings, you can keep count with the Perpetual Disappointments Diary.

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Before you start thinking that this diary is too emo, there are actually real reflection questions too, to pull you out of any rut.

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Granted, those come with slight personal jabs, but hey, there’s no growth without first realising your weaknesses.

The perfect Christmas gift for your cynical friends

If this Perpetual Disappointments Diary speaks to the pessimist within you, you can head over to Kinokunyi to get a copy.

But if you’re feeling too sian to go out, you may also buy one from their website for $25.

For those who need gifting ideas, this could be the perfect present for your chronically cynical friends. Be it for Christmas or any time of year, we’re sure they’ll appreciate this amusing journal.

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