Pet Station Sale At Marsiling Offers Up To 80% Off On Pet Food, Carriers & Bedding

Raising puppies and kittens is a fun and fulfilling experience, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Pet Station fully understands that the struggle is real, so their annual warehouse sale will probably be your saving grace this year.

We bet you want your pets to have the best of the best treats, accessories and toiletries. If you’ve always been short in cash, then you’re in for a treat.

Pet Station Sale at Marsiling is offering insane deals and bundle deals up to 80% off on dry food, can food, toys & accessories, scratching posts, grooming items, cages and strollers.


Pet Station beds, cushions & strollers

After playing fetch all day long, your pets will want to rest and relax in the comfort of their own beds. You can ensure they get the star treatment with these beds and cushions from $15.


Most people would opt to walk their pets for some needed exercise. Although if you want them to sleep while you go shopping or hangout with friends, then opt for these strollers at 70% off.


Scratching post, litter box & pee pans

Cats will always have an endless urge to scratch. Those who want to protect their furniture and carpets from kitten scratches should consider these pet scratching posts.


Cat ladies may seem to live a glamorous life with their kittens on social media, but it’s far from the truth. They often have to deal with kitten poop, but it’s easily manageable once you invest in a cat litter box from $56 (UP $81.30).


Nobody wants to find pee stains on the floor. The good news is you can get your pets to use this pee pan for only $10. Here’s to hoping they use it as intended.


Pet treats galore

Dining out and binging on mouth-watering meals can turn your bad mood around. Let your pets join in the fun by investing on these treats.

You can buy CattyMan’s tuna series and get 10 packets for $5 while Temptations treat for cats come in a bundle of 3 for $3.50.


Dog are officially in for a treat. JerHigh snacks for furkids come in bacon, strawberry, spinach, blueberry and milk flavours for a bundle discount of 4 packets for $10!


Let your pets dine like kings and queens their pick of these Royal Canin treats.


How to get there

Pets Station Annual Warehouse Sale runs till this Sunday (2 Jun) at Marsiling Industrial Estate Road.

Date: 31 May, 1 & 2 June 2019 (Friday – Sunday)
Time: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Address: 21 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 9, Level 4 Warehouse, Singapore 739175
Nearest MRT: Woodlands Station

Taking care of pets is a lifelong commitment so this is the time to pamper your furkids without exceeding your monthly budget.

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