KitKat Dipped In Curry Maggi Instant Noodles Gets Malaysians Into A Frenzy

KitKat chocolate wafer and Maggi instant noodles are common items that you’ll find in the pantry.

But combining them together? That sounds like a supremely bizarre combination comparable to having tapioca pearls with crab — oh wait, that actually happened, but you get what we mean.

On Wednesday (8 Jan), Petron – a chain of petrol kiosk in Malaysia – tweeted the unimaginable.


Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — that’s 4 slabs of Kitkat wafer dipped in what looks like a curry-flavoured Maggi instant noodle.

KitKat soaked in curry Maggi noodles going for S$1.40

The poster came with a caption which roughly translates to “It’s delicious to eat it piping hot during rainy weather. Fuhh, so enjoy”.


The sweet and savoury combination costs around S$1.40 (RM4.30).

According to SAYS, the aforementioned tweet has since been taken down and replaced by another poster, which shows the 2 offerings, separated.


Perhaps it was meant to be consumed separately all along. Hmm.

Malaysians are actually interested to try

While some of us – or maybe just me – may find the combination vile, some Malaysians are actually rather keen to try it.

Here’s are some tweets courtesy of Malaysian online news site SAYS.

Translation: I want to try!

Translation: What is this disastrous combination? I actually want to try it.

Try it at Petron petrol kiosks in Malaysia

Despite the favourable response, we’ve not managed to find an actual picture of the dish or review about it.

So if you’d like to find out how it tastes, you’d have to head to a recreate it yourself, or head to a Petron petrol kiosk in Malaysia yourself.

You can find the full list of outlets here.

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Featured image adapted from The Star and Twitter.