PHV Driver Works Long Hours Daily To Make Ends Meet Despite Battling Kidney Failure

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many financially, and will likely continue to do so for a while. Among the hardest hit are taxi and private-hire vehicle (PHV) drivers, who’ve seen a significant fall in passengers, especially since ‘Circuit Breaker’ started.

One PHV driver, however, has been taking challenges in his stride, despite facing other personal difficulties, like a chronic illness.

His positivity inspired a passenger, who shared his story on Facebook on Saturday (16 May).


PHV driver lost more than half of income to Covid-19

The significant fall in passengers has undeniably taken a toll on drivers, who suffer a fall in income.

For PHV driver Andrew, this loss was more than 60%, according to the passenger he shared his experience with.

Now, rather than worrying about his long-term plans, his only concern is about how to get by and pay his bills every week.

Works long hours on top of undergoing regular dialysis

This constant struggle is on top of other problems he faces, most painfully, kidney failure, which requires regular treatment.

For 3 days a week and 4 to 5 hours each time, Andrew undergoes dialysis, which he says to be “So much time wasted”.

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He has been receiving treatment for the past 6 years, which has taken a lot of time out of his driving schedule. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, he has been driving 8 to 12 hours daily just to make ends meet.

Andrew, who has been ferrying passengers for 30 years via various transportation modes from buses to vans, taxis and now Gojek, takes pride in his job.

His dedication is so much so that he claims he wants to drive until he no longer can anymore. This is why he fears whiling away in a hospital bed more than death.

Stays positive despite difficulties

Andrew’s determination is noteworthy, and an example for everyone to stay hopeful despite falling on difficult times.

Various forms of financial aid are available, so we hope those who qualify are aware and have filed necessary applications.

We’re all struggling in this period, in our own ways, so for those of us who can afford to, let’s help others in need in whatever way we can.

Ultimately, a community that supports each other is the best way we can help each other through this crisis. Let’s stay strong through this, and hope for the best.

Featured image adapted from ROADS.SG and Facebook.