Picturesque HDB Corridors Lovingly Captured In Snapshots By S’pore Photographer

HDB corridors are unique to our little red dot. Like the interior of every unit, what’s outside reflects the different tastes of each family.

Rafael, an avid photographer and part-time courier, spent his free time capturing picturesque HDB corridors, offering a peek into these Singaporeans’ lives.

Cat at corridorImage courtesy of Rafael.

The images are even colour graded to give each corridor a nostalgic vibe.

HDB corridors reflect families’ personal touches

Rafael, 32, shared with us that most Singaporeans make use of the spaces inside and outside of their homes.

HDB corridorsImage courtesy of Rafael.

Some households may choose to let a lush garden flourish on their ‘porches’.

HDB corridors Image courtesy of Rafael.

Others that are more practical leave the outside space for their laundry.

LaundryImage courtesy of Rafael.

Nostalgic colour palette

Rafael shared that he wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia which would relate with Singaporeans.

BroomImage courtesy of Rafael.

This explains the tones of green and the soothing pastel notes seen in his pictures.

HDB corridorsImage courtesy of Rafael.

He said Nguan, an enigmatic Singaporean photographer, is his main inspiration. Like Rafael, this street photographer captures the daily lives of Singaporeans in calming and aesthetic frames.

Nguan's picturesSource

With this influence in photographic style, Rafael found a unique theme which suits his shy personality. He shared that he doesn’t include people in his pictures and lets objects along the corridors tell their stories instead.

Clothes hangers at HDB corridorImage courtesy of Rafael.

When he does come across a resident, they’ll give the occasional smile or nod. He jokes that keeping humans out of the frame ensures that people won’t mistake him for a loan shark or stalker.

A peek into Singaporeans’ lives

Rafael’s images show that no two families are the same even though they may reside in the same estate. We wish him all the best in his passion and look forward to more aesthetic pictures.

The theme of his photographs also shows us that a picture can speak a thousand words. Sometimes, there’s no need for people to be in one at all.

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Featured images courtesy of Rafael.