These Pikachu & Psyduck Ice Cream Figurines Are So Cute, They’ll Melt Your Heart

Pikachu & Psyduck Ice Cream Figurines Look Adorable Despite Melting

Sometimes, the weather in Singapore can get so hot that it feels as though we’re melting.

That’s literally the case for these Pokémon figurines, except they look completely adorable while doing so.

DM Studio, a China-based store, recently launched Pikachu and Psyduck ice cream figurines that would serve as sweet additions to any collection.

Source: Pokemon Gems on Twitter

Those chubby cheeks and adorable eyes are more than enough to melt anybody’s heart.

The scoop on the melting Pikachu ice cream

Recently, photos of a melting Pikachu ice cream figurine went viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Xiaohongshu (小红书).

ice cream

Source: Pokemon Gems on Twitter

This version of Pikachu has a chubby yellow face that’s literally melting in the sun. However, judging from its cute little smile, it seems to be enjoying itself.

ice cream 1

Source: Fun Today

Turn it around and you’ll see that the heat hasn’t spared the iconic Pokémon’s lightning-shaped tail.

ice cream 2

Source: Fun Today

Since liquids typically conduct electricity well, we’re curious to know if a melting Pikachu’s lightning moves are more effective compared to the conventional ones.

ice cream 3

Source: Fun Today

Fortunately, this little resin statue is 100% safe for handling.

Psyduck ice cream cone comes with sprinkles

DM Studio has also launched a Psyduck version of the figurine.

However, it’s hard to tell whether it’s feeling hot or cold as it’s melting while wearing a scarf at the same time.

Source: Xiaohongshu via Fun Today

Its body is also covered in sprinkles, giving it pops of colour and a whimsical look.

Source: Xiaohongshu via Fun Today

If these were real edible ice cream cones, they’d certainly be way too cute to eat.

Appears to be sold out online

Unfortunately, a quick look online shows that the figurines are sold out in most stores.

The Pikachu ice cream figurine was previously available for pre-order on Carousell for S$89.

Source: Carousell

It was also available for sale on Favor GK along with the Psyduck version, but they’re both sold out at the moment as well.

Source: Favor GK

We suppose you could try your luck and consider contacting the stores to ask whether they plan on restocking the products in the foreseeable future.

Beat the heat with Pikachu & Psyduck

We’ve never seen anything respond to extreme heat as adorably as the Pikachu and Psyduck ice cream figurines.

And it’s clear we’re not the only ones whose hearts are melting over them, judging from how popular they are.

Would you add these cute figurines to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Pokemon Gems on Twitter and Fun Today.

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