Speeding PMD Rider Narrowly Escapes Collision When Dashing Across Geylang Traffic Junction

Speeding PMD Rider Chiongs Across Geylang Pedestrian Crossing, Almost Gets Hit By Oncoming Cars

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough clips of errant PMD riders speeding on the road, another one pops up online to seemingly take the cake.

On Wednesday (25 Dec), a video was shared on the SG Car Brokers Facebook group, showing a reckless e-scooter rider speeding across a pedestrian crossing in what looks like Geylang.

The PMD rider on the right

The pedestrian light was red at the time, and the careless rider came within inches of getting knocked down by an oncoming Lamborghini.

You can watch the shocking video here, but be warned, it’s pretty grainy.

PMD rider nearly gets knocked down by Lamborghini in Geylang

Nothing seems out of the ordinary at the start of the video as the car which the dashcam was on approaches a road junction in what was supposedly Geylang.


On the left adjacent lanes are a Lamborghini and another van, which are further ahead of the car that we’re following.

We can’t say for certain where it took place, but a very well-travelled colleague of ours claims he has 95% confidence this is where the incident took place.


As the 2 cars cross the first pedestrian crossing, both drivers jam their breaks hard.


Then from the darkness emerges a YOLO PMD rider, who sped across the crossing and showed no signs of slowing down despite the red pedestrian light ahead.


The reckless PMD rider sped across the other side of the road which had no oncoming cars and appeared to have made it through unscathed.


The PMD rider’s ‘stunt’ even prompted the person who uploaded the clip to dub him as the “9 life PMD rider”, and rightly so.


Kudos to the 2 drivers who ‘jammed break’ in time

Kudos to the 2 drivers who thankfully ‘jammed break’ in time, which saved the careless PMD rider from almost-certain death.

We hope this serves as a reminder for all PMD riders to adhere to the new guidelines issued by Land Transport Authority — ride only on cycling paths and park connector networks.

And more importantly, never chiong at such dangerous speeds.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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