Police Officers Receive ‘I Love You’ Note From Little Girl, Kind Gesture Surprises Them

Police Officers Receive ‘I Love You’ Note At Little India MRT

There is something super wholesome about the way children express their love.

With bright, innocent eyes and a sparkle in their laughter, they transform even the simplest gestures into the most heartwarming ones.

3 police officers on duty at Little India MRT station had the privilege of experiencing that one day, in the form of a handwritten note that says, “I love you”.


Such kindness has struck a chord with almost everyone else, not just the police.

‘Police, I love you’ written on note

According to a post by the Singapore Police Force, SC/Sgt Edyran was on patrolling duty with 2 colleagues at Little India MRT Station on Wednesday (11 Aug).

They were suddenly stopped by a little girl and wondered if she needed help.

Much to their surprise, the officers received a handwritten note in return that says, “Police, I love you. BFF thank you”, with 2 hearts.


SPF touched & inspired by little girl’s note

BFF is a popular acronym for ‘best friends forever.’ The post ends by poignantly sharing how a simple note has the power to inspire and motivate officers.

These heartwarming gestures and moments inspire us in our pursuit to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Here’s a closer look at the note.


Uplifting gesture warmed everyone’s hearts

Netizens filled the comments section with love and admiration for SPF officers too.

One of them said it’s rewarding to see how excited kids are when they meet a police officer on duty.


To this Singaporean, SPF is “loved by most, if not all”, as they put their lives on the line to keep everyone safe. He thinks that the government should include them in the annual National Day Awards.


One woman joked that if she tried this, police officers might think that she’s a stalker.


Appreciating the ones who keep our country safe every day

Police officers are among many frontliners who bravely risk their lives to safeguard our country. They carry a heavy but meaningful burden on their shoulders as they’re charged with the task of keeping everyone safe.

Having to work odd hours, handle unsavoury characters in dangerous situations, and ensure duties are carried out by the book, the job can be pretty demanding on some days.

But we trust that simple, moving acts like expressing appreciation in a handwritten note would make a world of difference to them.

Thank you for keeping us safe, SPF.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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