German Cafe Gives Customers Pool Noodle Hats So They Don’t Forget To Safely Distance

German Cafe Creatively Uses Pool Noodle Hats To Enforce Safe Distancing Among Patrons

Although ‘Circuit Breaker’ is coming to a close, we still can’t say for sure what life will be like after it ends.

But what we do know is that safe distancing will continue to be a thing, especially on public transport.

To this end, one cafe in Germany offers a refreshing perspective on how we can continue to enforce this good habit – with pool noodle hats.


Keeping their customers aptly spaced

Ever since Germany eased on lockdown measures last week, businesses have slowly started to re-open one by one.

Among these businesses was Cafe Rothe, whose owner opted for a more creative way to enforce distancing on the premises.

Instead of crossing out seats, the cafe commemorated its re-opening by handing out straw hats with 2 attached pool noodles to patrons.

The funny sight was then posted on the cafe’s Facebook page.


Even though patrons can still be approached diagonally, we’re sure the visual is a strong enough reminder for others to keep their distance.

Seriously, how can anyone miss it?

Pool noodle hats were actually a reporter’s idea

Although the cafe’s owner, Jacqueline Rothe, personally distributed the distancing hats, the now viral idea actually came from a reporter.


An RTL reporter wanted to see how people would react to having 1.5 metre long pool noodles on their head.

That curiousity kick-started the funny test.

Looking forward to more creative ideas

Although such distancing measures are unlikely to be implemented in Singapore, we cannot deny the brilliance of it.

Perhaps in time, Singaporeans will come up with their own funny ways of ensuring we stay appropriately distanced from each other.

We’ll just have to wait and see after ‘Circuit Breaker’ ends.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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