Man Seeks Phone With Photos Of Daughter And Late Father

Many of us may be familiar with the panic associated with losing our phones.

But one netizen named Mr Chelvom who recently lost his phone containing precious family photos decided to take things further.

He took to Facebook to offer a $500 monetary reward for anyone who finds the phone.

Here is his post in full.


Last seen at Potong Pasir food court

Mr Chelvom allegedly lost his mobile phone, a silver titanium Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with white casing, on Monday (25 Mar) at around 8.30pm.


According to Mr Chelvom, he last saw his device at the food court below block 146 along Potong Pasir Ave 2.

Here’s what the food court looks like.


Phone contained precious family photos

Mr Chelvom’s phone contained many cherished family photos, including those of his daughter since she was a day old, and that of his late father.

The importance of such memories may explain the following actions he decided to take to retrieve his phone.

Offers $500 & phone as reward

Mr Chelvom is currently offering a $500 reward to the person who returns the phone.

In addition, he will also allow the person to keep the phone after he has backed up his precious photos.

More recently, his friend also offered to chip in an additional $500 reward for the person, bringing the monetary reward to a whopping $1000.


May he get his phone back ASAP

We wish Mr Chelvom all the best in re-obtaining his precious family photos.

If you happen to see a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone around the Potong Pasir food court, do reach out to Mr Chelvom via private message on Facebook.

Featured image from Hardwarezone and Google Maps.