M’sian Girl Kena Pranked With 1.2m-Long Boarding Pass, Even Officer & Air Stewardess Also Laugh

Malaysian Lady Turns Heads With A0-Size Boarding Pass Friends Gave Her

Holidays are the best times of the year. And for a lady in Malaysia, her holiday was made extra special by her friends.

They had taken the liberty of printing her boarding pass. However, they got it printed on an A0-size paper and kept it a secret.

For your reference, A0 means the paper was 119cm long and 84cm wide, which means it could fit around 16 sheets of A4 paper.


The friend in charge of the prank uploaded a video detailing their mischief on Facebook, which has since gone viral with 1.4 million views.

“Are you surprised?! Are you happy?! Do you really like to travel!!”

Pranked with huge boarding pass

At the start of the video, the prankee, Ms Stephy Teo, innocently asks Ms Geraldine Loh for her boarding pass.

Ms Loh, aka the pranker, calmly hands it to her — clearly she was not one to give the surprise away.


Despite her acting, Ms Teo immediately noticed that something was not right. “Walao eh!“, she exclaims in disbelief as she hits her friend with the folded pass.


She jokingly asks if she’ll get hit for lugging such a big boarding pass with her as she opens the A0 size document.


Ms Loh explained in the comments that she pranked Ms Teo with the huge boarding pass because “she had been ‘bullied’ by her for too long”.

“Hahaha it was time to prank her once since I’ve been ‘bullied’ by her for too long.”

Officer at departure hall is amused

When it was time to enter the departure hall, Ms Teo hands the folded boarding pass to him. The officer seemed amused despite her plight and opens the paper.


He gives up, asking if she had a smaller boarding pass.

Ms Loh then finally pulls out the A4 size pass, but not before laughing at Ms Teo’s sheepishness.

Air stewardess laughed at her too

The worst was not over for Ms Teo because she had to board the plane with the A0 pass too. In a second video posted on YouTube, Ms Loh said the stewardess had a “huge reaction”.

She too laughed at the ridiculous size of the boarding pass and asked to take a picture.


Ms Loh told SAYS that the passengers on their flight also laughed at her ‘special’ boarding pass.

Memorable trip for them

Well, we’re sure that the trip was an unforgettable one for all 3 friends.

Hopefully, Ms Teo won’t be planning any revenge pranks on them anytime soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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