Punggol Resident Sends Email With Vulgar Language To MP, She Urges For Civility

MP Sun Xueling Hopes Society Can Be Civil After Punggol Resident Sends Her Email With Vulgar Word

Many Singaporeans know that our member of Parliament (MP) is there to help us as much as they can.

Unfortunately, some residents may behave inappropriately when making complaints over estate issues.

One Punggol resident in particular sent an email containing vulgar language to their MP.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

The MP has urged the public to be civil in our interactions.

Punngol MP shares vulgar email she received

In a Facebook post on Saturday (3 June), Minister of State for Home Affairs and Social and Family Development Sun Xueling shared a screenshot of an email she received on 28 May.

It was sent directly to her and, curiously, to Sengkang MP Jamus Lim, but also cc’ed to a host of other parties and agencies including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

The email, titled “Punggol Way Shenanigans”, started off rather rude in tone. It alluded that the writer would “look forward” to her “electoral loss”.

Ms Sun is MP for Punggol West Single-Member Constituency (SMC).

Sender complains about heavy vehicles on Punggol Central

The sender, ostensibly a Punggol resident, then proceeds to complain about heavy vehicles on Punggol Central.

Source: Google Maps

These vehicles have “noisy diesel engines” and drivers who “leave their engines on without doing anything”, and are not allowed on that road, the writer claims, threatening,

Please do something about it or be prepared to lose this ward for sure.

They go on to complain about “shoddy maintenance” of Block 261B Punggol Way, pointing out the height difference in the floor of the void deck.

Punggol resident uses vulgar word in email to MP

The tone of the email then becomes vulgar, with the sender using the F-word to describe the “f*** shit road design”.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

They claim that crossing the road is a challenge that may prove fatal, as vehicles would “suddenly pop by” drawn to the “so-called free parking”.

They demanded that the authorities charge for entry or change the road design and to “get it done asap!”

The resident then sarcastically asked “James” (presumably referring to Dr Jamus Lim) to stand by to take over. They also referenced the Ridout Road saga, where the rentals of two bungalows on the road by ministers are being reviewed.

Resident’s complaints are being acted upon

Despite the rudeness of the resident’s email, their complaints are being acted upon.

Ms Sun updated that the Town Council deployed contractors to work on the faulty footpath on 1 June. She also pointed out that free parking on Sunday was a request from the residents.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

She also shared the Town Council’s reply to the resident, which added that their feedback had been sent to the relevant agencies.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

Resident not satisfied with reply

However, it seems the resident wasn’t fully satisfied, as they sent further emails, including on 1 June, over the alleged “shitty repair work”.

They also sarcastically questioned whether anybody checked the repair quality, along with another threat of an election loss.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

This email was sent to a similar group of recipients as the previous one.

MP hopes for civility as a society

Ms Sun took issue with the way the resident provided feedback, saying,

I hope that as a society we can try to be civil and not use bad language to get a point across.

Most netizens agreed with her, saying vulgar language is uncalled for, with one commenter saying it reflects on the person’s character.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

One netizen reflected that it’s not easy to serve the public as people tend to gloss over the good work and focus on the negative.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

Another was sympathetic to the person who sent the email, suggesting they could be under a lot of stress or suffering from depression.

Source: Sun Xueling on Facebook

Yishun resident made ‘bullying demands’ of MP

This is sadly not the first time a resident has behaved inappropriately towards an MP.

In November 2022, an Yishun resident was called out for making “bullying demands” of his MP at a Meet-The-People Session.

Yishun Resident Makes ‘Bullying Demands’ Of MP, Including 1km-Long Covered Walkway

He later apologised for his behaviour.

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Featured image adapted from Sun Xueling on Facebook and Facebook.

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