Python Coils Around Fence Near Downtown East On 31 Mar Morning

Since the start of the year, there have been numerous sightings of snakes in our heartlands.

Python Regurgitates Huge Rat In HDB Drain As ACRES Arrives To Rescue Snake

On Wednesday (31 Mar) morning, residents of Pasir Ris were greeted by a massive serpent coiled around a metal post near Downtown East.


Pictures of the python were later shared on Facebook and netizens couldn’t help but be in awe of the reptile’s beauty.

Python hangs out on pole near Downtown East

According to a netizen in the Wildlife @ Pasir Ris & vicinity Facebook group, the python was spotted near the Downtown East bus stop at around 7.40am on Wednesday (31 Mar).

Image courtesy of ACRES

The python’s body was seen tightly coiled around a green pole as well as a section of barbed wire connected to the metal pillar.


To describe the python as big might be a slight understatement, as parts of the snake’s body appear to be thicker than our fists.


Seemingly unperturbed by its human admirers, the python’s copper head can be seen sticking out from behind the post.


Netizen jokes that snake must be on the way to go shopping

It’s not every day that we see such a huge serpent lepak-ing in our neighbourhood, so it’s only understandable that the images attracted many netizens’ attention.

Image courtesy of ACRES

Many couldn’t help but be in awe of the snake’s effortless beauty and how it remained so glamorous all while supporting itself against the pole.


Another Facebook user joked that perhaps the snake merely wanted to go shopping at the nearby Downtown East shopping centre.


ACRES officers safely removed snake from fencing

In response to MS News queries, an ACRES spokesperson confirmed that they were alerted to the python on Wednesday (31 Mar) morning.

ACRES officers checking for injuries on the python
Image courtesy of ACRES

The python was safely removed from the fencing after officers confirmed that it did not sustain any injuries as a result of the barbed wires.

ACRES officers assessing the situation
Image courtesy of ACRES

The fencing was apparently located next to Sungei Tampines, which is connected to nature areas like Tampines Eco-Green Park and Pasir Ris Mangrove Broadwalk.

Given the rainy weather over recent days, the ACRES spokesperson explained that it’s plausible that the python had made its way onto elevated areas in a bid to escape flooded drains.

Public advised not to handle snakes alone

Though it must be exciting to spot such a huge python, the National Parks Board (NParks) advises the public to stay calm in the presence of a snake.

python catSource

If you do see a snake, avoid handling it and call NParks at 1800-476-1600 instead. You may request for a snake expert to deal with the creature.

You may also contact ACRES at 9783 7782 if you see a wild animal in distress.

Hope it got home before lunch

Kudos to the ACRES officers who helped remove the snake from the fencing.

Seeing the huge python on their way to work or school must’ve been an unforgettable experience for Pasir Ris residents.

Hopefully, the snake managed to find its way home safely before lunch.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook