Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive For Covid-19, Her Symptoms Are Mild & Cold-Like

95-Year-Old British Monarch Expects To Continue Duties Next Week

Since the very infectious Omicron Variant emerged months ago, it’s been taken as a matter of course that almost all of us will catch Covid-19 sooner or later.

While it’s not surprising that ordinary folks who head to work and school on crowded buses will get it, it’s still notable when well-protected head of states are infected.

Now, not even the most senior member of the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) Royal Family has been spared, as Queen Elizabeth II has tested positive.


Thankfully, her symptoms are mild, and she’ll of course receive medical attention.

Her symptoms are ‘cold-like’

The surprising news was revealed by Buckingham Palace on Sunday (20 Feb), reported Reuters.

The short statement described the symptoms Her Majesty, 95, is experiencing as “mild” and “cold-like”.

Despite this positive test, she expects to continue “light duties” at Windsor Castle, where she’s now staying, over the coming week.

The Palace also added,

She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all appropriate guidelines.

Prince Charles positive on 10 Feb

The Queen’s positive test comes after a string of people she’s been close to were infected by Covid-19.

Just 10 days before on 10 Feb, her son Charles, Prince of Wales, tested positive, according to his official Twitter account.


That was the 2nd time Prince Charles, 73, got infected, as he previously caught the virus in 2020.

Soon after, his wife Camilla also tested positive for the 1st time on 14 Feb.


The Prince’s positive test increased fears over the Queen, as he’d met his mother a few days before that, on 8 Feb.

Several staff at Windsor Castle have also tested positive.

In Mar 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also tested positive for Covid-19, even spending a some time in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Even former United States President Donald Trump and his wife have been infected with Covid-19, stricken just over a month before the presidential election.

Queen received guests this week

According to the Royal Family’s official Facebook page, the Queen received guests in person at Windsor Castle this week.

On Wednesday (16 Feb), she met Rear-Admiral James Macleod, the outgoing Defence Services Secretary, as well as Major-General Eldon Millar, his replacement.


However, she told staff then that she couldn’t move much, reported Reuters.

She also complained of stiffness, according to Bloomberg.

Queen marked 70 years on the throne in Feb

Considering the Queen is 95 years old, it must be especially worrying that she’s caught the virus.

Though she’s been fully vaccinated, her advanced age makes her more suspectable to complications.

She’s the longest-reigning monarch in British history, and marked 70 years on the throne earlier this month.


A series of celebrations are being planned in the UK to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, so hopefully she’s recovered fully by then.

However, her husband Prince Philip won’t be there, having passed away in Apr last year.

Nobody is safe from Covid-19

Now that the Queen has caught Covid-19 for the 1st time, it just illustrates how nobody is safe from the virus.

Thus, it’s imperative that we take all the safety precautions we can and don’t let our guard down, even if we think the symptoms will be mild.

MS News wishes the Queen a speedy recovery.

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Featured image adapted from The Royal Family on Facebook.

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