S’pore To Have More Rain In Late-Nov, Bring Umbrella For Gai Gai During The Holidays

Singapore To See More Rain On Most Afternoons Over Late-Nov

Over the past weeks, Singapore has seen unusually rainy weather, mostly in the afternoons and mornings.

More Frequent Thundery Showers To Continue In 1st Half Of Nov, Cooler Weather Also Expected

For those who enjoyed the cool weather, it seems there is more good news over the coming weeks.

See, rainy weather is expected to continue for the remaining weeks of November, with thundery showers forecasted on most afternoons.

Since school holidays are also set to commence during this period, parents might want to consult with the weatherman before bringing their kids out to gai gai. 

Short thundery rain on most afternoons in late-Nov

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), short-duration thundery showers are expected to happen islandwide on most afternoons over the coming fortnight.


These may also stretch to the evening on some days.

In terms of severity, these storms may range from “moderate” to “heavy”.

On 1 to 2 days, the thunderstorms may also be especially intense as a result of prevailing winds coverage around the Southeast Asia region.

Storms on some mornings too

Though the storms are mainly expected to occur in the afternoons, residents in Singapore might find themselves waking up to heavy storms on some mornings too.

In the pre-dawn hours and mornings of some days, widespread thundery showers accompanied by gales may take place.

The likely culprits of these morning storms are likely Sumatra squalls moving eastwards from the Straits of Malacca to the South China Sea.

Overall, a wet month

Even with stormy weather on the cards, the coming fortnight is likely to be a rather warm one with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 33°C on most days.

On days with sparse cloud cover, the temperatures may even hit 34°C.

Overall, the 2nd half of November is likely to be drier than the 1st. Nonetheless, the rainfall levels in November are likely to be “above average” over most parts of Singapore.

Remember to bring an umbrella & check the forecast

The rainy weather will likely be a welcome change to the sweltering heat that we have grown accustomed to over the past months.

That said, parents bringing their kids out to gai gai over the school holidays ought to check the forecast and arm themselves with an umbrella before heading out.

The last thing we’d want for our ‘lil ones is to catch a cold and spend their holidays being ill.

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