Rainy Days Cover Different Parts Of Singapore In Mist

With rainy days, Singaporeans get to enjoy a respite from the country’s tropical heat. However, the temperature wasn’t the only thing that lowered due to the heavy and continuous rain.

For those who frequent the Downtown Core or Bukit Timah area, you may have noticed a mysterious mist that veiled these areas.


Rain brought ‘Genting’ mist to the CBD

Over the past few days, a mist has enshrouded the Central Business District (CBD), loaning it a Genting-esque vibe.

Low-hanging clouds could be seen draping over the buildings of  our Downtown Core.

An MS News reader who was enjoying the change in scenery from his balcony shared this breathtaking clip:

rainy days mist CBDVideo courtesy of MS News reader

Bukit Timah Hill became Silent Hill

Hikers who explored Bukit Timah Nature Reserve after the rain may have noticed an eerie fog that lingered in the area.

rainy day at Singapore Bukit TimahImage courtesy of MS News reader

We can’t help but be reminded of the horror video game Silent Hill. Something may be lurking in those woods…

Mist at Bukit Timah HillImages courtesy of Facebook user and MS News reader

You should definitely bring a friend along if you’re planning to go for a hike there soon, in case you slip or can’t find your way through the mist.


Explore a different view of Singapore after the rain

For those who miss travelling to countries with temperate climates, you may not have to look further than exploring Singapore after it rains.

Raining gifSource

The much cooler temperature and almost mystical appearance will surely transport you to a whole other place — if you get imaginative enough.

If you do plan on going out and exploring in this weather, remember, safety is key, so bring along an umbrella and some non-slip shoes!

Featured images adapted from Reddit and Facebook.