S’pore Learner Rider Gets Immediate Failure After Colliding With Bird, People Wonder What Happened

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Learner Rider In Singapore Fails Bike Test Because He Collided With A Bird

When taking the practical driving test for your driver’s licence, there are a few errors that can warrant an immediate failure.

These include mounting a curb, beating a red light, or not stopping at the first stop line in front of the driving centre.

The reason behind the immediate failure for those cases is quite straightforward: they pose major safety hazards.

However, one learner rider who was taking their motorbike exam in Singapore failed because of a particularly baffling reason.

In a photo posted anonymously on the Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road Facebook page, the scoresheet of the test showed that the learner rider immediately failed the test because they had “collided with [a] bird”.

Learner rider also gets 16 demerit points

The feedback on the scoresheet indicated that the learner rider had 16 demerit points.

They had also made an improper wide turn, and the checkbox for “improper action causing accident/near accident” was ticked as well.

rider collide bird

Source: Facebook

However, the most glaring part of the scoresheet was the single point indicating the learner rider’s immediate failure.

No other reason was given for this grading besides the puzzling phrase of how they had apparently “collided with [a] bird”.

The page admin who posted this said in the caption that it was their first time hearing of someone failing their bike test because of this reason.

Netizens tickled by ridiculous scoresheet

Facebook users who came across this post had a field day in the comments.

Most of them were wondering what exactly happened in this very peculiar case.

rider collide bird

Source: Facebook

One commenter posited that perhaps the learner driver failed because an object the size of a typical mynah bird is all it takes to cause a road accident.

rider collide bird

Source: Facebook

However, as funny as this was, there were some who questioned the fairness of the grading.

This user quipped that if the examiner were unreasonable, they might even fail the learner rider for running into mosquitoes.

Source: Facebook

There were also other users who wondered if the learner rider had collided with the other type of bird. You know, that very vulnerable body part.

Source: Facebook

Whatever the reason behind this puzzling scoresheet was, it sure provided everyone with a good laugh.

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Featured image adapted from Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road on Facebook and Raman Damodar on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only.

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