Saliva Stains Allegedly Found All Over Rumbia LRT Station Lift Buttons, Police Report Lodged

Spit & Saliva Found On Rumbia LRT Station Lift Buttons, Investigations Ongoing

Even as Covid-19 looms over Singapore, many have stepped up to pay it forward with small acts of kindness.

From cleaning playgrounds to leaving hand sanitiser in lifts, lots of people are generously sharing what they have with others to make everyone’s situation a little better.

Unfortunately, there are always bad apples in every society, and this person who left something unpleasant in Rumbia LRT station’s lift is definitely one of them.

On Thursday (20 Feb), SBS Transit took to Facebook to share their disappointment at this “abhorrent act”.

Read the post in full below.

Spit found all over Rumbia LRT lift buttons

In the post, SBS Transit wrote that a picture of what appears white dried liquid on lift buttons has been making rounds online. The lift in question is apparently located at Rumbia LRT Station along the Sengkang East LRT line operated by SBS Transit.


The white substance appears to be dried saliva, indicating that someone had spat all over the buttons.

SBS Transit also mentioned in their post that they had lodged a police report over the incident. The police are currently investigating the case.

Unacceptable even under normal circumstances

This person’s act was not only unhygienic and inconsiderate but potentially dangerous to others especially with the outbreak of Covid-19.

Covid-19 is transmitted by spit and saliva particles. That’s why sick patients are encouraged to wear masks, so as to avoid spreading germs when they cough, sneeze or breathe.

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With his or her inconsiderate actions, the person behind the act just exposed all lift users to his or her spit and probably forced them to indirectly touch it as well, just to use the lift.

It is nothing but malicious, and definitely not what we should be doing right now.

Botanic Gardens MRT station had similar situation

Sadly, it seems like the lift at Rumbia LRT wasn’t the only victim of deliberate human excretions.

A netizen took to Reddit on the same day to share a picture of a similar-looking white substance on the lift doors at Botanic Gardens MRT Station.


We certainly hope this isn’t the work of a serial spitter, or worse still, a vile voyeur.

Hope the culprit will be caught soon

Now that a police report has been lodged, we hope the culprit will be brought to justice soon.

We can’t imagine why anyone would want to do this. They definitely sparked anxiety in many with their unspeakable behaviour, and possibly put others at risk of contracting an infectious disease.

They definitely need to take some pointers from these considerate and caring Singaporeans we’ve featured previously.

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