S’porean Faints In NEL MRT On 14 Feb, Passersby Come To Her Rescue Despite Covid-19 Fears

Singaporean Faints In NEL MRT, Unexpectedly Receives Help From Fellow Commuters

With the spread of Covid-19, sneezing on public transport becomes taboo and will cause heads to turn.

When this Singaporean fainted on the MRT on Valentine’s Day (14 Feb), she expected people to avoid her out of fear.

Instead, the commuters reacted quickly to the situation, banding together to help the unwell Singaporean.

Thankful for the kindness of strangers and the selflessness they displayed, the netizen appealed to MS News to share this ultimate story of love among our citizens.

Fainted while standing in NEL MRT

At 5 pm on 14 Feb, the Singaporean boarded the North-East Line (NEL) train at Outram Park MRT station and was headed towards Punggol on the purple line.

To her dismay, she started feeling unwell and dizzy after a few stops. Apparently, this is not the first time she experienced fainting spells.

As it was during peak hours, the train seats were fully occupied and she was unable to find a seat.

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She fainted not long after in the train cabin.

Commuters didn’t hesitate to help the fainted passenger

A few kind commuters immediately came to her rescue, bringing the semi-conscious Singaporean to a seat.

They pressed the emergency button but did not manage to get hold of help.

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Hence, the band of kind souls decided to take her out of the cabin, onto the Sengkang MRT platform.

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The netizen woke up to a lady carrying her bag and valuables, as well as two men and an MRT station staff attending to her before the ambulance arrive.

In poor condition, she was, however, unable to thank them for their kind gesture.

Grateful for their helping hand when she needed it the most

The Singaporean was sent to Sengkang Hospital and felt better by night.


Hearing horror stories on the internet about people taking pictures and avoiding those unwell, she half-expected people to neglect her when she fainted.

However, she was tenderly cared for by strangers when she was unwell.

She suffered light bruises after falling due to her fainting spells, but it was a relief that there were no serious injuries.

Photo contributed by the netizen

As such, she extends her sincere gratitude to the passersby, MRT staff, and paramedics who assisted her that day.

Caring for others in times of need

Using her story, the netizen wishes to remind fellow citizens that not all that appears physically unwell are virus carriers to be shunned.

While fear is unavoidable, we should still remember that there are people out there who need our help.

Kudos to the commuters who readily extended their helping hand. Their kind gesture might become the greatest love story this Valentine.

Featured image adapted from Wikimedia Commons.

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