Successful RSAF Mobilisation Exercise Proved Our NSmen Are Ready For Action

More Than 90% Ready At Bases Within A Few Hours

If you were watching local TV past noon on Sunday (9 Dec), you may have seen some strange phrases flashing on the screen.


“Disc Drive” or “Stamp Machine” may sound like boring office supplies to us, but these are important code words for our National Service (NS) men.

These very words sent many of them rushing to their respective bases on Sunday afternoon.

Quick response

Within a few hours of the alert, more than 90% of active and operationally ready servicemen were at three Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) bases island-wide.

The air bases are at Paya Lebar, Changi and Tengah.


Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen called the mobilisation exercise a success and praised the NSmen for their quick response, highlighting the importance of their preparedness.

Such exercises are important to maintain the SAF’s operational readiness.


Sunday’s exercise was part of Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) 20 to 30 routine mobilisation drills that happen throughout each year.

NSmen who reported for duty had to attend briefings on the latest procedures for their roles.

Servicemen fully committed to duty

The high percentage of both active and NS servicemen reacting quickly to the mobilisation alert shows their commitment towards serving the nation.

After all, how many of us would drop our weekend plans on such short notice?


We should applaud our servicemen for their efficiency and accountability in showing up when they are urgently needed.

The RSAF servicemen’s swift response proves that our air force is effective and ready to defend our country if an emergency situation arises.

Supportive Singaporeans

Singaporeans flooded social media with messages of support for our servicemen.

Fellow servicemen chipped in with uplifting messages of solidarity, expressing their own promises to serve the nation.


This man is willing to serve even though he claims to have finished his NS and reservist duties.


Singaporeans who are not in the service also voiced their gratitude towards our servicemen.


National security in good hands

Positive responses from Singaporeans from all walks of life prove that people are confident in our country’s defence system.

It’s heartening to see Singaporeans rallying behind our servicemen and having full faith in them to uphold national security.

We hope that our servicemen will continue to display their commitment to protect the country in future mobilisation exercises.

With their effort and Singaporeans’ support, we believe that Singapore’s defence will always be in good hands, especially in the light of recent developments along our borders.

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Featured image from MINDEF.

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