Salmon Sashimi Dipped In Kopi Is A Wacky Food Fad

Many foodies have tested the realm of possibilities when it comes to wacky food combinations like durian fried rice with sambal and coriander BBTs. But we predict that our latest find will divide netizens even more.

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Food blog Kia Eat Plays recently shared ways of enjoying salmon but their menu of choice involved dipping salmon sashimi into a cup of hot kopi. They claimed they had learned the wacky combination from 一顶鱼屋 (Yi Ding Yu Wu) – also known as Top Catch Fisheries Grocery Store – in Kuala Lumpur.

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The post has garnered more than 6,700 shares at the time of writing.


Love it or hate it, the revelation has led netizens to consider trying it out and even jokingly threatening to ‘call polis’.

Salmon sashimi dipped in kopi

Top Catch Fisheries is a specialty grocery store in Malaysia that offers fresh seafood airlifted from Japan.

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Not surprisingly, one of their bestsellers seems to be thicc salmon sashimi — a classic dish hailing from fresh sushi restaurants in Japan.

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Food blog Kia Eat Plays shared that their editor bought a box of their thick salmon slices which includes 15 pieces for S$8.80 (27 RM).


So far so good. But the plot twist begins when the editor dipped it into a cup of kopi — a way to savour the slices which he learned from the store.

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According to 9GAG, some of their Malaysian customers seem to have been the brains behind the bizzare trend.


They also jokingly recommended the combination for customers that wished to enjoy fresh sashimi for breakfast.

Amused netizens threaten to ‘call polis’

The controversial combination seems to have divided netizens in the comments section.

Some foodies went up in arms and threatened to call the police for the unforgivable mix.


However, this open-minded netizen took it to the next level by suggesting salmon sashimi with Milo could be next on the tasting menu.


Meanwhile, other netizens simply tagged their friends who seemed to love both kopi and salmon sashimi.


But of course, we’ve yet to see if everyone’s truly onboard with this bizarre food trend.

Wacky combination turns out to be a joke

Hardcore sushi purists will be relieved to know that customers have been advised customers not to switch their default dips from shoyu to kopi just yet.

Top Catch Fisheries chimed in the fun and thanked customers for their surprising innovation. However, they still recommended dipping sushi in wasabi and soy sauce.


While the post sparked a debate amongst sushi lovers, the company has clarified that it was only a joke. On the bright side, all publicity is good publicity.


If you’re craving both items for breakfast, you can still enjoy raw salmon sashimi slices and drink your kopi gao separately.

Keep calm & carry on, sushi lovers

While the marriage of salmon sashimi and kopi didn’t have a happy ending, we have yet to see whether this trend will catch on. After all, it seems like the possibilities are endless when it comes to sushi.

In the meantime, keep calm because we all have different tastes. This experiment may even pave the way for the evolution of sushi dishes in the near future.

Are you willing to set aside your initial impression and try out this trend? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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