Singapore Civil Defence Force Firefighter Uses Powersaw To Remove Bottle Cap

Unless you’re a Luddite, you would’ve seen some videos of people whirlwind-kicking a bottle cap off a bottle.


The Internet people dub it the ‘bottle cap challenge’. A worthy successor to the ice bucket, the twerk, the bottle flip, cheese fling, etc.

A firefighter from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) apparently decided that he’s had enough with those feeble and unreliable ways of taking a cap off a bottle. So instead of his foot, he used a powersaw.

A video of it was uploaded to Reddit on Saturday (6 Jul).

SCDF’s take on the bottle cap challenge. from singapore

The firefighter pulls down his spaceage visor, heaves the massive saw, and with the precision of a man who fights fire, brings the spinning blade to the cap of the bottle.

Upon contact, the cap immediately spins off. The force of which caused some water to splash out.

Apparently requires a lot of control

According to a person in the comments who was from SCDF, it requires “a reasonable amount of skill and finesse to hold the powersaw horizontally.” This is because they are only taught to hold the saw upright i.e. vertically.

He also mentioned that it takes a lot guts because holding it in odd positions may – although it’s never happened before – cause the blade to fly off.

PR stunt by SCDF

But as it turns out, it’s a PR stunt by SCDF.

The feat took place at Sentosa Fire Station under controlled settings and with all safety precautions.

So please, don’t go searching your toolbox for power equipment or ask to borrow the grasscutter from the grasscutter man and try to take off a bottle cap in a similarly novel way.

Featured image from The Sun & Twitter.