McDonald’s M’sia Has Sea Salt McFlurry, Don’t Mistake It For Blueberry Ice Cream

McDonald’s Malaysia Has Sea Salt McFlurry That Looks Like Blueberry Soft Serve

Fast food brand McDonald’s is known to release some interesting iterations of the McFlurry. We currently have the Hershey’s edition, but durian or Kit Kat versions are not unheard of.

Durian McFlurrySource

While those flavours are exciting in their own rights, McDonald’s Malaysia seems to always outdo us — this time, with their new Sea Salt McFlurry.

Sea Salt McFlurrySource

At first glance, the blue hues almost deceived us into thinking that the flavour is blueberry.

Sea Salt McFlurry came out of a fairytale

According to Penang Foodie, the dessert has sparkling purple and blue sprinkles while the soft serve itself is a combination of sweet and salty flavours.


McDonald’s Malaysia says that those who try out this new McFlurry can escape to a “whimsical wonderland”.

Sea Salt McFlurrySource

Well, that sounds perfect for a respite from our balmy weather, but we Singaporeans will just have to make do with our kopi and teh peng.

Hope for interesting new flavours in Singapore

We wonder what flavour McDonald’s will drop for Singaporeans to enjoy. Be it a locally inspired one, or something outside the rulebook, we bet Singaporeans will queue for it.

Pandan McFlurrySource

Since we can’t exactly hop over to Johor for a taste of the Sea Salt McFlurry right now, we can only rely on the word of mouth from family and friends in Malaysia.

Until borders reopen, we can only hope that McDonald’s Singapore will introduce cool ice-cream flavours here soon.

We are totally not salty

We wished that we’d be able to get a taste of those blue swirls and purple sprinkles.

But since the Sea Salt McFlurry may not be coming to Singapore, we’ll just take this as an excuse to save some calories.

McDonald’s will probably come up with a flurry of new flavours soon enough. We’ll just hang tight for now and dig into the luscious Hershey’s McFlurry.

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Featured images adapted from McDonald’s Malaysia and Penang Foodie.

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