Remaining Sengkang WP MPs To Look After Compassvale Ward After Raeesah Khan’s Resignation

Remaining WP MPs Of Sengkang GRC To Look After Compassvale Ward After Raeesah Khan Resigns

Since the sudden news that Workers’ Party (WP) member Raeesah Khan resigned after lying in Parliament, many wondered if there would be a by-election.

As MS News noted, the possibility of one was unlikely. What remained was what would happen to the Compassvale ward next.

WP announced on Thursday (2 Dec) that the remaining Sengkang MPs will not be resigning from their seats, nor will be there be a by-election, reported TODAY.

Instead, Ms Khan’s Compassvale ward will be divided up and taken care of by the remaining WP MPs in Sengkang Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

Compassvale residents will be looked after remaining Sengkang WP MPs

On Thursday (2 Dec), the WP held a press conference regarding Ms Khan’s resignation.


According to WP chairperson Sylvia Lim, the 3 remaining Sengkang MPs – He Ting Ru, Louis Chua, and Jamus Lim – will continue serving residents in their wards.


She added that voters of Sengkang had given WP a mandate to represent them in Parliament. Thus, it would still be the party’s responsibility to complete the term.

Ms He assured the Sengkang residents, especially those in Compassvale, that the transition would be a smooth one.

The ward will be divided among the remaining MPs as follows:

  • Ms He will take Blocks 215-241 — Compassvale Mast/Vista/ Plains/Port
  • Mr Chua will take Blocks 244-256, 291-292, and 295-299 — Compassvale Haven/Lodge/Green
  • Associate Professor Lim will take Blocks 286-290, 293-294, and 257-263 — Compassvale Cape/Broadwalk/Gardens/ Northgate

The changes will ensure all Compassvale residents have a direct line of contact with an MP to represent them.

Additionally, Ms He assured that Sengkang Town Council’s operations will be uninterrupted. Residents can still reach out to Town Council staff through existing channels.

Glad WP has come up with a plan to minimise disruption

It is certainly a loss for the Sengkang residents who have one less representive.

However, we’re glad WP has come up with a way to minimise disruption for the affected residents.

The hope is that Sengkang will continue to have their needs served regardless of the vacant seat.

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Featured image adapted from Channel NewsAsia on YouTube.

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