Family Living In Sentosa Offers Up To $5,500/Month For Home Tutor For Primary 2 Triplets

The Singapore school system is basically synonymous with the word “tuition”. It’s so common, that it’s more or less regarded as part and parcel of every student’s schooling experience here.

Tuition centres with small class sizes are popular among many, but some kids need even more help and attention than usual. This calls for private tutors, who make house calls and can often teach more than one subject.

Recently, a WhatsApp message requesting the services of a private tutor caught the attention of many who received it. Most private tutors are paid decently well, but this family’s offer sounds almost too good to be true.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

The full-time tutoring job pays up to $5,500 per month, and it’s at a beautiful home in Sentosa Cove.

Tutor 3 triplets living in Sentosa for up to $5,500 per month

The family looking for a tutor is supposedly a Chinese family who live at Sentosa.

According to their message, they need a long-term, full-time tutor for their Primary 2 triplets.

Unfortunately for the guys, they’re looking for female tutors only.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader. 

Working hours are 2pm-8pm on weekdays, and 9am-6pm on weekends. The tutor is expected to teach the kids mainly English, and help them with Mathematics here and there.

Tutoring 3 young, active kids for such long hours 6 days a week definitely doesn’t sound like an easy job, but boy, is that pay attractive.

Family live at Sentosa Cove

The family included their address in the message, so we took the liberty of checking out their sweet crib for a sneak preview of where the lucky tutor gets to hold her lessons.


It’s a luxurious bungalow in Sentosa Cove. The best part is, it’s called Treasure Island.

With all that clear blue water and open space around, it’s no wonder the kids need help with their studies. Who wouldn’t be tempted to go outside and play?

Fill up Google Form to apply for the tutoring job

We’re not certain if this job is really paying as much as it advertises, but it’s definitely worth applying for if you have the skillset and you like kids.

The family included a link to a Google Form in their message. All you have to do is fill it up, and you’ll be in the running for this dream-come-true tutoring job.

We wish the best of luck to all those who apply for this job. Make the most of it if you get it, and live your best life on Sentosa with your new clients!

Featured image adapted from Google Maps