First SgInstababes, Now SgJCbabes

Instagram page SGinstababes made headlines a few months ago when its founder was accused of flirting with a 15-year-old model.

Attention quickly gathered on the page, with people lambasting it for objectifying women.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s now an Instagram page with close to 2k followers that does the exact same thing — except with Junior College (JC) students.

Sgjcbabes, submit and vote


The page, which goes by the handle of SgJCbabes, requests that followers make “submissions” of JC girls they find pretty.

Followers are then able to vote for the girls by ‘liking’ their pictures. Each ‘like’ counts for 1 “Admire Point”.

The girl that accumulates the most number of “Admire Points” will be given the title of “Queen”, and be featured on the page’s Instastory.


The page also stipulates that followers who make “unruly comments” will be blocked.

As for the followers, they will have to “verified” before they are allowed access to the currently private page.

Photos possibly uploaded without permission

Since most of the pictures are submitted by followers of the page, it is very likely that they were done so without permission from the respective owners.

In fact, it’s not hard to tell from the pictures alone — most of them appear to have been cropped from a larger picture.


It’s all very disturbing. Imagine being on a train and then seeing a group of strangers passing around and ogling at pictures of yourself.

As for the page itself, we’re not sure if what they’re doing is legal. Technically, the girls are’t underage anymore, since people usually enter JC when they’re 17.

And speaking about using pictures without permission, the owner(s) of the page used a picture from one of our articles — without our permission!

In case it wasn’t clear, we are definitely in no way related to or supportive of the page. But do check out our original article here.

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Featured image from SgJCbabes.