Shangri-La Hotel Swiftly Offers Full Refunds & Quarantines 4 Staff Linked To 1st Wuhan Flu Patient

5-Star Shangri-La Hotel In Sentosa Combats Wuhan Flu With Refunds, Quarantines & Temperature Checks

A senior 66-year-old man is now patient zero of an outbreak of the Wuhan pneumonia virus that has finally reached Singapore’s shores.

The patient – who hails from Wuhan – had stayed at 5-star Shangri-La Rasa Hotel at Sentosa with his family, in a case that was announced on Thursday (23 Jan).


Thankfully, he’s reportedly in stable condition and already warded at Singapore General Hospital. However, the virus’ toll has clocked in at over 600 confirmed cases worldwide, with a total of 17 deaths so far.

Here’s what the hotel has done so far, to minimise risks for their staff, guests, and by extension the rest of Singapore.

Wuhan native stayed at hotel with family

The 66-year-old man was reportedly travelling in Singapore with his family before checking into the hotel.

He was admitted into Singapore General Hospital on Wednesday (22 Jan), after showing symptoms of illness.


The viral strain he had caught was later confirmed to be Singapore’s first Wuhan pneumonia case.

Cordoning & sanitising OG patient’s room

Shangri-La Hotel quickly cordoned off and sanitised the room he was staying at.

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The next step was to trace who had made contact with the patient, regardless of whether they were staff or other guests.

4 staff quarantined but remain healthy

All staff members who “came into contact” with the patient have been asked to remain indoors, within their homes since Wednesday (22 Jan), confirmed the hotel to The Straits Times.

None of these 4 members of staff have displayed any symptoms of the virus and are said to be “currently well” by the hotel’s spokesperson.

Free surgical masks & temperature checks

To assist the authorities in curbing the spread, the hotel has scheduled more regular cleanings to ensure that the compound is well-sanitised.


They have also implemented “temperature checks” for staff and guests, to flag out potential patients with fever or flu symptoms.

Finally, surgical masks are being used by staff and being freely distributed to guests at the hotel, confirms The Straits Times.

Full reservation refunds without penalties

Guests who wish seek alternative accommodation have reportedly been told that they will be assisted by the hotel.


Free cancellations for reservations are also allowed, without any penalties. A full refund will be given to all those affected.

Hotel’s swift response shouldn’t be ignored

Despite the unfortunate news of a Wuhan pneumonia case slipping through the strict screenings at the airport, we should give credit where it is due.

We hope Shangri-La Hotel’s swift and detailed response to the entire saga will be enough to help curb the spread of the virus.

As for the rest of Singapore, we’ve been told to expect a few more suspected Wuhan virus cases pending confirmation, according to the Ministry of Health.

We can all do our parts to protect our loved ones by maintaining personal hygiene & seeking proper medical attention if we are unwell. As we await updates from the authorities, let’s remember to limit undue panic as well, even as our service industry braces for impact.

Stay safe, and stay vigilant everyone.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps & HealthLine.

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