Sheng Siong Sneakers Pay Tribute To Our Love For Supermarkets, Designed By Local Streetwear Brand

S’pore-Based Ox Street Creates Custom-Made Sneakers That Recognise Our ‘Circuit Breaker’ State Of Mind

During the ‘Circuit Breaker’, what’s the one place that you find yourself spending a lot more time at, besides your home of course?

Parks? Too warm. Food outlets? We can only take away and go. Supermarkets? Now we’re talking.

They have lots of tempting food products and toiletries, refreshing air-conditioning, and if the apocalypse (e.g. DORSCON Red) happens, it’s the best place to stock up on what you need.

To recognise the beacon of essential retail and sustenance that the supermarket is for Singaporeans, and even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic, streetwear brand Ox Street has come out with the latest cool item — Sheng Siong sneakers.


Ox Street is a fan of supermarkets, calls them a “symbolic pillar of sustenance”

According to an article posted on its website, Ox Street’s “custom sneaker concept”, not created for the supermarket but for “visual experimentation purposes only”, is meant as a tribute to Singapore’s heartlands.

It also calls itself a fan of Sheng Siong and of all Singapore supermarkets, which are playing a big part in helping Singaporeans get their essentials during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

Expounding on the theme, the article describes supermarkets as a “mirror” of society’s concerns and psychological state.

Thus, the Sheng Siong sneakers, which are part of a series called Ox Street Labs, where the brand mixes local culture and streetwear culture to see the world in new ways.

Other tributes to famous brands

This isn’t the only time the Singapore-based brand has reimagined sneakers with inspiration from common brands.

Its 7-Eleven Nike SB 7-11 Dunks were set for global release this year, as a nod to the convenience that offers late-night nibbles to Singaporeans.

According to Ox Street’s Instagram account, it was “rumored to be limited to only 711 pairs”.


Ox Street’s head of content Jonathan Leong, also known as The Cyborg Samurai, also posted concept art for Corona x Air Jordan 1 sneakers, in what it called “the most unfortunate collaboration ever?”

It’s probably referring to the beer brand sharing the same name as the novel coronavirus, which causes Covid-19.


Speaking of Covid-19, one of Ox Street’s custom concepts isn’t related on any brand per se, but to something that has recently become a die-die-must-wear-or-kena-fine item in Singapore.

While we wear surgical masks on our face, we guess wearing mask-like sneakers on our feet will mean that at least something will match the mask.


Cute sneakers for the times

Would you want to wear any of these sneakers? We think they’re all really cute.

Hopefully, they will be become a reality, so we can literally vote with our feet on which brands we support in Singapore.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Facebook.

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