SIA & SilkAir Won’t Charge For Changes On Flight Dates Till End Mar, New Trip Must Be Before 31 Mar 2021

SIA & SilkAir Waive Charges For Changing Flight Tickets Issued From 6 To 31 Mar

The end of the first quarter of the year is a popular time for travel among Singaporeans. Destinations like Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries are some of the common destinations Singaporeans head to for their annual “Spring Break”.

Sadly, the outbreak of Covid-19 and its increasing spread worldwide has dashed many people’s vacation dreams. As the situation continues to escalate, many people are attempting to reschedule or cancel their trips for their own safety.

Changing flight plans can be a hassle, and luckily our national airlines are making it just a little easier — by ensuring that it’s a little cheaper, at least.

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Free flight change from SIA and SilkAir

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SilkAir are offering passengers free flight changes for tickets up to the end of the month.

According to SIA’s website, the usual fee that applies for customers seeking to change their flights will be waived for all tickets issued from 6 Mar to 31 Mar.


This is intended to give their customers the “flexibility to change their travel plans” amid the Covid-19 situation, while not having to fork out additional fees.

This is apparently in accordance with their global travel waiver policy as mentioned on their website, that spells out a condition — the new travel date must be before 31 Mar 2021.

Other fees still apply

Though the change fees have been waived, other fees may still apply, for example customers would have to top up the difference if the new flight chosen is of a higher fare.

If customers would like to cancel the flight, however, the possibility of a refund would be in accordance with fare conditions of the ticket.


More than one year of allowance

The good thing about SIA and SilkAir’s move is that customers who change their flight can choose more than a year’s worth of different dates — which will make putting together the new holiday plans much easier.

To change your flight, you may go through their website, call them at 62238888 or submit your inquiry via this online assistance form.

Alternatively, we’ve heard that it may be better to go down to their office to sort things out in person.

For those who’ve booked their flights via travel agencies or third parties, you’ll need to go through them.

Do stay safe, and take advantage of this to plan your alternative trip wisely!

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