13 Haunting Pics Show S’pore Looking Like A Deserted Metropolis In Dystopian Times

Local Photographer’s Viral Album Features Haunting Pics Of Singapore In Social Distancing Era

Popular destinations in Singapore are often packed with tourists and locals, but the Covid-19 outbreak has prompted many to stay indoors.

Photos of local hotspots don’t seem impressive to locals that see them every day, but this viral album might change your mind.

Local photographer Lemjay Lucas used this opportunity to take haunting pics of the busiest places in our little red dot last Saturday (4 Apr) to Sunday (5 Apr). He feels that the outside world looked different as spaces seemed bigger and wider with the absence of visitors.

Here’s a look at the deserted destinations due to the global pandemic.

1. Haunting pics of Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands usually have groups of locals and tourists milling about. A few days before the ‘Circuit Breaker’ began, Lemjay noticed that the staff was visibly worried due to the lack of customers.

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2. Merlion Park

Merlion Park looked eerie without the usual throng of visitors and locals. We never imagined that the park could end up empty within our lifetime.

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3. Jewel Changi

People appreciating nature and looking forward to the light shows are the norm at Jewel Changi’s Rain Vortex. Without anyone else in sight, this destination looked like a scene from an undiscovered rainforest.

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4. Changi Airport

The Changi Airport Terminal 1 departure level is usually filled with crowds strolling with their luggage. At this time, only the bronze droplets from the Kinetic Rain sculpture seem to be moving.

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The entrance of the terminal looks like a ghost town because vehicles were miraculously absent at the departure drop-off.

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5. Helix bridge

The Helix bridge is often packed with tourists that need a stunning selfie for the ‘gram. While we can relate to the struggles of taking pictures with so many people in the background, there’s no competition at present.

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6. Jubilee Bridge

The lively Jubilee Bridge is empty so the skyscrapers in the Central Business District (CBD) look like a postcard-worthy view from miles away.


There are no boats or yachts so the bay seems peaceful and calm.


7. Universal Studios Singapore

This theme park is often jam-packed with tourists so it’s sad to see it devoid of crowds in these haunting pics. Here’s to hoping that we can return to have fun with our family and friends soon.

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8. Chinatown

The smells of Chinese cuisine, colourful establishments, and groups dashing into the streets were a common sight in Chinatown. In the era of social distancing, visitors may feel like they’re living in a dystopian novel.

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9. Clarke Quay

Party animals will be disappointed to find that their favourite bars have no customers or festivities.


Boats are a common sight along the Singapore River and Marina Bay, but in this version, they’re all docked at the side of the riverbank.


10. Orchard Road

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this empty picture of Orchard Road proves you wrong. While you’ve explored every nook and cranny, this picture will make you see the space in a new light.


Haunting images of Singapore

What would Singapore look like if you were the last person alive?

This album by Lemjay Lucas – Instagram handle @lemjaylucas – features scenes we never thought we’d witness. The Singapore-based photographer specialises in cityscapes and landscapes so check out his portfolio for surreal images of Asia.

Now that we’ve seen the dystopian version of Singapore in the haunting pics above, you may have newfound appreciation for the hustle and bustle of our Garden City.

Featured image from Facebook. 

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