More Rain In Singapore From Oct To Nov, After A Drier Second Half Of Sep

After a very wet first half of the month, everyone’s welcoming the warmer weather lately, as they go about their outdoor plans. But those who prefer cool winds and staying indoors would be happy to know that rain may be returning to Singapore soon.


So enjoy the sun as much as you can now, before your umbrella blocks your view.

More rain in Singapore in months ahead

According to The Straits Times (ST), the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) explained that a weather phenomenon called the La Niña could reach Southeast Asia soon.

More intense winds and the formation of rain clouds may herald more rain once the weather pattern hits us.


A weather scientist, however, claims that it’s still far from fruition, so the rest of Sep will continue to be drier still.

Once Oct and Nov come though, brace yourselves for much wetter weather in the region.

Be ready for a rainy day, but enjoy the sun for now

Since there are roughly 10 days till the end of Sep, we’d suggest realising all your outdoor ideas now, before the rain comes.

The moment it does, we can guarantee that you’d much rather be at home, under a blanket, with a mug of hot chocolate, teh or kopi in hand.


If you really have to go out then, remember to have a raincoat, poncho or umbrella ready to keep yourselves dry.

You wouldn’t want to fall sick in times like this, so take care and enjoy the weather in the company of loved ones, rain or shine.

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Featured image adapted from Jon Siegel on Flickr.