Singapore Zoo Welcomes Their 24th Baby Rhino & We’ll Get To See Her In A Month’s Time

Singapore Zoo Celebrates Birth Of 24th White Rhino, She Was Born On 19 Dec

The folks at Singapore Zoo are surely having a Merry Christmas thanks to a new baby animal.

On Friday (27 Dec), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) announced the birth of a female white rhino through a post on their Facebook page. This event marks the 24th time that a white rhino was born in the Singapore Zoo.

Here’s a video commemorating the special occasion.

While the public won’t be able to see the calf (yet), here’s a peek at this adorable animal.

White rhino baby born at Singapore Zoo on 19 Dec

The female white rhino was born last Thursday (19 Dec).

In the video, Mother Donsa is seen doing her best to ensure that the new calf safely leaves her womb.


The experienced mother knew exactly what to do once the new calf was born. After a few days, the newborn has quickly gained her footing.


Bonding with the newborn

To bond with the newborn, Headkeeper Ram regularly scrubs her gently so she can get used to touch. Her mother also bonded with the zookeepers using the same process so she trusts them to care for her baby.


The adorable baby rhino has grown to love the scrubs that it seems to be the highlight of her day.


After a long day, the ‘lil one instinctively lies down while happily getting scrubbed. The zookeepers believe that this process helps prepare her for husbandry and future medical procedures.


Stay tuned for updates

According to TODAY, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature classified white rhinos as a near threatened species. Visitors won’t be able to see the new white rhino yet, but they can catch a glimpse of the adorable calf after a month.

Wildlife Reserve Singapore says that they’ll post updates about the ‘lil one soon so stay tuned for the cuteness overload. We can’t wait to return to Singapore Zoo and visit the city’s precious white rhino.

What do you think about this newborn calf? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook. 

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