Smoking Cabin Debuts In One-North; 59 More Expected In S’pore By End Of 2019

Smoking Cabin SG Provides An Air-Con Environment For Smokers & Purifies Secondhand Smoke

Update (21 May): Smoking Cabin SG officially launched its first facility in One-North on Tuesday (21 May).

The smoking cabin seen earlier is likely a prototype used to gauge demand from members of the public.

The company also announced at the launch that it plans to install 60 such cabins by the end of the year.

Looks like our days of inhaling secondhand smoke from pedestrians in Singapore could be over very soon.


These upcoming mobile smoking booths by a local start-up Smoking Cabin SG may just be the answer to keeping harmful smoke off the streets, while still allowing smokers the freedom to light up in a comfortable environment.

Since Orchard Road is essentially about to become a smoke-free zone, thanks to stricter regulations to curb illegal smokers, this could be a timely solution.

Converts smoke to fresh air via smart filters

In line with stricter regulations targeting errant smokers who light up while walking along our streets, a local start-up has made it their mission to help create safe spaces for smokers to enjoy a cigarette — without harming bystanders with secondhand smoke.


These mini-cabins come fully equipped smart filters that help to purify secondhand smoke into fresh air.


More specifically, “3 layers of filters” will be used to ensure that the air is scrubbed before leaving the unit.

Aircon available for smokers

Popping into one of these booths to take a swig of a cigarette also comes with the added benefit of escaping Singapore’s notorious humidity.

Temperatures within the cabins will be moderated, and set at around 24-27°C — a cool upgrade from the unpredictable heat on the streets.


If you’re claustrophobic, rest assured that there’ll be windows to ensure that you get to take in the views on the outside as well.


Smoking Cabin SG shares that the venture is “70% complete” at the time of writing. This means we can probably expect these booths to be rolled out in Singapore pretty soon.

Better than yellow boxes & fines

One thing’s for sure, having these smoking cabins around would be a better incentive for smokers in Singapore to light up at only designated areas in town.

You Will Get Fined For Smoking At Non-Designated Areas In Orchard From 1 Apr

We recall recent incidents where disputes have arisen thanks to smokers stepping out of the infamous “yellow boxes” when smoking their cigarettes.

Hopefully, making a conscious choice to only smoke in these air-con units which remove the effects of secondhand smoke will be a win-win for both smokers, their loved ones & Singaporean pedestrians.


If it works in Japan, we sincerely hope it works in Singapore too.

Featured image from Smoking Cabin SG on Facebook.

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