SPCA Rescues Cat With Huge Wounds On Back, Gives Him New Lease Of Life

Life is tough for many animals. Stray animals face daily uncertainties about whether they can fill their bellies, and even pets find themselves abandoned sometimes.

Godfather, a black cat, was one of these poor animals. When the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued him in Jan 2019, they found him with a rotten tailbone and a huge wound on his back.

Image courtesy of SPCA

Cat had rotten tailbone and nasty wound on his back when SPCA found him

According to an SPCA representative, a member of the public from Bukit Batok had called the pet rescue society to check on a cat who was “bleeding very badly”.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Godfather with a severe necrotic wound on his back.

This meant that the cells and tissues in that area were dying, which could be caused by bacterial infections.

To make matters worse, his exposed tailbone was also rotten.

Image courtesy of SPCA

He was also severely dehydrated and was just skin and bones.

Godfather underwent surgery to speed up the healing of the wound and to remove his rotten tailbone.

Successful recovery after undergoing surgery

Godfather underwent a miraculous recovery after his surgery, thanks to SPCA officers’ diligent care.

Week 2 after surgery
Image courtesy of SPCA

With every passing week, Godfather’s wound got smaller, and smaller.

Week 3 after surgery
Image courtesy of SPCA

Godfather’s wound, now fully recovered
Image courtesy of SPCA

Godfather has since been adopted by an SPCA officer, and given a forever home.

Image courtesy of SPCA

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Kudos to the vets and staff who helped with Godfather’s recovery.

Such SPCA initiatives are funded by public donations.

Just running the clinic alone costs $600,000 a year. As a whole, SPCA’s operations – including sterilisations and reuniting lost pets with their owners – require around $3 million annually to keep it running.

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Featured image courtesy of SPCA.