SPCA Rescues Wobbly Cat With Head Tremors, Seeks Loving & Caring Foster Family

SPCA Rescues Wobbly Cat With Head Tremors & Inflamed Ear Canals

While some people are lucky enough to be born into a loving home, not everyone is as privileged. The same goes for animals.

On Tuesday (19 Jan), the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) shared that they rescued a female cat named Wobbly who was unable to walk. She also had head tremors and inflamed ear canals.

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SPCA is now seeking a foster family who will be patient and willing to give Wobbly some tender loving care and aid in her recovery.

SPCA rescues cat in Jurong West

According to SPCA, Wobbly was found at a void deck in Jurong West. A resident had called them shortly after finding the smol emaciated kitten who badly needed medical attention.

After a check-up at the SPCA clinic, Wobbly was diagnosed with a head tilt, head tremors, and dirty, yeasty ears with inflamed ear canals.


True to her name, Wobbly also can’t walk. But she sure will try, and you’ll find her wobbling unsteadily around.

Wobbly cat seeks foster family

Even if life seems tough, Wobbly refuses to give up. With her adorable little meows and gentle soul, she has won the hearts of the SPCA staff.

SPCA is now seeking a loving and caring foster family that is willing to provide her with medical care while she recovers.


Wobbly will need a lot of love, care, and patience. The necessary items, guidance, and training will be provided to fosterers.

To be a suitable fosterer for Wobbly, the family will need to:

  • Manage her water and food intake so she won’t get dirty. Any spilled water or food must be cleared instantly so she won’t feel cold.
  • Bathe her whenever she seems dirty.
  • Offer her lots of care, warmth, and love.
  • Regularly clean her area so she won’t step on her own faeces.

Do note that Wobbly finds it hard to concentrate on specific tasks. You’ll find her pecking her food, but there’s nothing wrong with the way she eats, defecates, or urinates.


The furkid is suspected to be abandoned. While she requires tonnes of care, it’ll all be worth it if she gets a second chance at life.

Hope she finds a loving foster family soon

Pets rely on us to care for them. It is saddening to see cases like this where precious animals are abandoned on the streets.

If you’re interested in welcoming Wobbly to your home, you can get in touch with SPCA via clinic@spca.org.sg.

We sincerely hope Wobbly will end up with loving fosters that will give her the love and affection she truly deserves.

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Featured image adapted from SPCA Singapore on Facebook

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