Man With Special Needs Was Cheerful & Charitable

It’s not often that many of us get to interact with individuals with special needs, but Singaporeans who frequent mosques or the Geylang Serai area might recognise Muhammad Fadil Sulaiman.


Always cheerful and ready to greet anyone with a smile, he left an indelible impact on many people’s lives.

When news broke of his passing yesterday (16 Dec), it was to no surprise that condolences and tributes started pouring in.

Passed away after collapsing at an MRT station

According to BERITA Mediacorp, Fadil passed away after he collapsed at an MRT station yesterday (16 Dec).

Former DJ and The Orange Ballroom founder Syah Ibrahim made the announcement via Facebook last night, after communicating with the late Fadil’s family.

He reported updates ‘live’ from Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where the deceased’s body was sent for a possible postmortem.

A familiar sight at mosques & public events

Throughout the Facebook video, Syah repeatedly mentioned how dearly loved the late Fadil was, which was also evident in the clip’s reach.

As of the time of writing, over 1,100 people have shared the announcement of Fadil’s passing.

His ‘fame’ came from his sheer humility, as he would occasionally help mosques to collect donations, despite leading a seemingly simple life.


Most other times, he would be there to attend talks and other religious events. Fadil had apparently been doing so consistently since he was a teenager.

His enthusiasm also endeared him to local Malay celebrities, who often met him at entertainment events too.

Suria Mediacorp artistes took to their social media last night to pay tribute to him. Host Khairudin Samsudin referred to Fadil as “a noble person” who was always smiling.


Writing in Malay, he recounted their meeting at Singapore Expo, when the late Fadil brought a packet of briyani and 2 bottles of water.

Though Khairudin told Fadil that he should keep the food for himself, the latter insisted on giving it to the host, as he had been working hard.

Received love & care from strangers who became friends

Around this time last year, a video of Fadil happily enjoying food someone had given to him went viral. MS News reported it in an article which you can read here:

Man With Special Needs Gets Free Food From Stranger & His Laughter Warms Everyone’s Hearts

As it turns out, the video was originally from Syah Ibrahim, who often received the late Fadil as a surprise visitor at his workplace.

Fadil would reportedly show up every now and then to say hello or simply rest there and charge his phone. However, at times, he would appear to be hungry, or in need of a little extra cash.

Each time without fail, Syah and his colleagues would welcome Fadil like an old friend. His passing thus pains them, as they’ve lost someone who always lit up their day at work.

Association offers to cover funeral arrangements

Fadil had become such a prominent member of the local Malay-Muslim community that many have come forward to offer his family help.


But in the end, the Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) has offered to take up full responsibility.

A member of PERGAS’ Board of Directors revealed this detail via Facebook on Wednesday (16 Dec). Whether the family has accepted the offer is unclear, but we hope the process will be a smooth one for them.

Passing of man with special needs a heartbreaking loss

The late Fadil’s life story proves to us that a kind heart and sincere intentions are truly all we need to earn people’s love and respect.

While this loss is a heartbreaking one for many, we’re glad countless people have such good memories of Fadil, which they’ll cherish forever.


MS News extends our sincere condolences to the late Fadil’s family and friends.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.