Man With Special Needs Gets Free Food From Stranger & His Laughter Warms Everyone’s Hearts

Man With Special Needs Cheerfully Says He Hasn’t Eaten In 4 Days When Given Treat

A kind act can go a long way in brightening someone’s day. One man recently treated a stranger named Fadil who hasn’t eaten for 4 days to a warm meal.


The famished man’s reaction was nothing short of heartwarming. In fact, a short clip of the exchange posted on Twitter went viral with 15,600 retweets, touching many netizens online.

The caption reads as, “This special guy is so adorable!” in English.

Kind Samaritan asks if famished man has enough to eat

In the video, the kind-hearted man can be heard asking if Fadil has enough to eat.

Like all paiseh people, he immediately said that it was enough for him.

Nonetheless, when asked if he wants to add on anything to his meal, he said yes.

The conversation goes back and forth, where Fadil repeatedly says that he had enough food, but somehow says he would like to have additional portions when asked.

Man says he’s confused

Halfway through, the man behind the video exclaims “hey! I’m confused lah is it enough or not?”. A woman can be heard in the background saying that “it’s enough but he wants to add more”.

Fadil then reveals a heart-wrenching fact — he had not eaten for 4 days.

He asks for extra rice, instead of asking for the goodies you can find at your caifan or nasi padang stalls.

“I’ll add more rice!”

The man acceded his request, saying that they “have a lot of rice”.

Fadil’s cheerful demeanour touched netizens’ hearts

What struck the netizens most was that Fadil kept giggling and laughing throughout the whole video, even after replying to the man’s questions.


His cheerful demeanour, despite the plight he’s in touched many.


Many netizens said that they teared up when they saw him smile.

“I only smiled at the start but suddenly I teared up.”

Other netizens speculated that he said the food was enough because he was already grateful for the help.

“He said it was enough because he’s grateful”

You can brighten up someone’s day

This lovely story shows that you don’t have to use grand gestures to spread kindness. It’s touching to see how the kind Samaritan made Fadil’s day just by treating him to a meal.

Small acts like buying an extra sandwich or coffee for someone can brighten his or her day too.

While we don’t have updates on Fadil, we hope that he is doing well, wherever he is.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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