Baker Creates Spirited Away Cake With No-Face’s Blank Expression

The film Spirited Away brings us back to our childhood so we bet many fans will have a soft spot for this latest concoction.

On Monday (21 Sep), Chantel Vo – a baker based in Vancouver – shared pictures of her No-Face sesame cake rolls in Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group.

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Hayao Miyazaki fans will be happy to find that this version perfectly matches the beloved character’s blank expression.

Spirited Away cake has a vanilla filling

In an Instagram story, Chantel shared that this delectable treat combines black sesame paste, ground black sesame, and sesame oil in a batter.

Afterward, she cut the end of the roll for a clean finish.

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A slice of the cake will reveal a rich vanilla whipped cream filling. While No-Face is known for swallowing mammals, you can eat this version with no consequences.

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Shortly after, a white chocolate plaque that perfectly captured the spirit’s expression was added to the end of the roll.


According to Ms Vo, the flavour of the black sesame shines and complements the rich vanilla filling.

We believe these rolls will undoubtedly stir the hearts of longtime fans of the animated film.


Has Gudetama & Totoro pastries too

For Sanrio fans, Ms Vo also whipped up this Gudetama earl grey chiffon cake with buttercream icing and whipped cream.

Plus, she pairs it with Gudetama macrons laden with strawberry cheesecake.


Another Studio Ghibli-inspired masterpiece features Totoro macarons with hojicha and strawberry buttercream.


Has special place in our hearts

Chantel Vo bakes kawaii cakes, cookies, and pastries.

While her cakes won’t get delivered to your doorstep, she regularly posts her recipes and tutorials online. Some of her creations are inspired by iconic characters that have a special place in our hearts.

If you want to stay updated on her next masterpiece, then do follow her Instagram @myloveatfirstbite.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram