Man Allegedly Tried To Break Into Woman’s Flat At AMK, Let Off By Police For Being Drunk

Man Who Allegedly Tried To Break Into Woman’s House Apparently Drunk

Singapore was voted the safest country in 2018. It’s so safe that you’ll rarely have to worry about going home alone at night.

However, low crime doesn’t equate to no crime. There are still cases that occur to remind us to always be vigilant.

Unfortunately, a netizen encountered just such an incident.

A netizen made a Facebook post on Tuesday (30 Apr) about a man that allegedly tried to break into her house. She also points out that this man has been stalking other women around the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 area.


Police let the man off

In her post, she mentioned that the man apparently loiters around the corridor all the time and stalks women near her block.

He even allegedly tried repeatedly to break into her apartment.

However, after the police were informed, the man was let off as they “assumed he was drunk”.


The netizen doesn’t believe that he was really drunk. She says that if he was a drunkard, he would not be able to “stand up himself”.

After asking the police officers, she found out that the man was staying in another block near the area.

Started taking off his clothes

However, his actions seem to prove that he could have really been drunk.

From the video the netizen posted, the man was lying on the ground and taking off all his clothes down to his underwear.


A person under in the influence of alcohol could start to feel extremely warm warranting his actions.

Could have dementia

While these actions are inexcusable, sober or not, some netizens have also theorised that the man could have dementia.


Another netizen reminds us to not jump to any conclusions without knowing the full details of the incident.


A person with dementia may experience “memory loss” and have “poor judgement” leading him to act this way.

Don’t take safety for granted

While the reasons may be unclear as to why the man behaved the way he did, this reminds us to always be vigilant.

Singapore may be safe but we should never take this for granted.

If you ever see a man stalking someone or trying to break into someone’s house, please immediately inform the police and let them handle the case.


Featured image from Facebook.

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