Lady At Sun Plaza Refuses To Wear Mask Properly, Holds It Over Face Instead

Lady At Sun Plaza Refuses To Wear A Mask Even After Getting 1 For Free, Taunts Officers Instead

We’re roughly a month into ‘Circuit Breaker’ and the pressure is already visibly setting in for some individuals.

First, we had the “Sovereign Lady” at Shunfu Market. Now, another lady spotted at Sun Plaza without a mask has become the latest troublemaker.

Entering into a rather heated exchange with enforcement officers, she showed no signs of backing down.

Lady at Sun Plaza holds mask up & says she’s wearing it

A video of the incident was posted on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page early this morning (8 May).

Whether the incident occurred at around that time too is unclear.

The video starts with an enforcement officer, identified by his lanyard, standing what looks to be a safe distance away from the lady.

Initially sitting down, she gets up and approaches him, telling him multiple times to “back off”.


She then tells him to remove his mask if he wants to talk, as she can’t hear what he’s saying:

If my ears can’t hear what you’re saying, that means I would not be able to hear.

The officer calmly explains that the law declares it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask in public, to which the lady had her own creative response — holding a mask over her face.


The mask was apparently a free piece from the person behind the camera, who held up an entire packet at one point of the video.


It seemed like only a short while ago that people were clamouring for masks, yet some are rejecting them now.

Officer patiently handles situation till security guard arrives

As the lady sits there insisting that she’s wearing the mask correctly, the officer continues to explain the right way to do so while they wait for the security guard to arrive.

She then abruptly starts speaking Mandarin, asking the video recorder if he is done asking questions.


She questions why neither of them are taking action, pointing out that even a random lady passing by did nothing.

Are you all dumb, or sophisticatedly stupid?

The mall guard arrives shortly after and asks why she isn’t wearing a mask, only to have her counter him with the question, “Why are you?”

She stands to address him, immediately spurring him to warn her to keep a safe distance away. Ironically, she demands him to maintain the distance instead, because of the authority he has in his job.


Perhaps realising that there was no point in arguing, he proceeded to dial “999” and call the police for backup.

The lady returns to her initial position, dismissing his action and showing her clear indifference.

Just before the video ends, she holds her free mask up again and asks the video recorder again in Mandarin, “Excuse me, are you done taking photos?”.

Don’t cause unnecessary disputes

This incident, and other similar instances, show just how unnecessary such confrontations are. By being difficult to deal with, not only is one disrupting enforcement officers’ work, he or she is also potentially creating friction in society.

By blatantly flouting the law, they’re compromising the safety that the rest of us have been trying so hard to maintain.


It only takes a few offenders like these to jeopardise the control we are trying to grasp over Covid-19.

Let’s not follow such negative examples and waste all the effort the nation has put in for the past 3 months. We want to get close to suppressing the spread, and we need everyone’s cooperation to achieve that.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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