Suntec Arcade Wants To Reward 2 Ladies Who Won A Massive Bunch Of Game Tickets

The fun of playing at arcades is having a good time and of course, getting a lot of game tickets. With more game tickets, one can stand to earn a more attractive prize.

Recently, Suntec City arcade Cow Play Cow Moo shared a video on Facebook of 2 ladies struggling to carry a huge bunch of game tickets. One even knocked a sign down in the process.

Cow Play Cow Moo have since tried to track down the 2 ladies to offer them a surprise gift, likely for their achievement.

2 ladies struggle to carry massive bunch of game tickets

Suntec City arcade Cow Play Cow Moo recently posted a video on Facebook in search of 2 ladies who were struggling to carry a huge bunch of game tickets.

The size of the huge lump of tickets appeared even bigger than the 2 ladies combined. Some of the game tickets were even being dragged on the floor behind them.


As they were carrying the tickets, one of the ladies stumbled and knocked a sign down, much to everyone’s amusement.


Getting this many game tickets surely must have taken a lot of time and effort. Hence, Cow Play Cow Moo wanted to reach out to the ladies to gift them with a surprise.

Netizens amused by the struggle to carry game tickets

Since Cow Play Cow Moo is popular among Singaporeans, many netizens understood how much work was likely put in to achieve this amount of tickets.


Other netizens advised the ladies to fold their tickets nicely in the future to prevent the struggle.


There were also some who jokingly said that Cow Play Cow Moo’s surprise for the ladies was to ask for compensation after knocking their signboard down.


Suntec City arcade hopes to find mystery winners

Though it is unclear as to whether the 2 ladies have reached out to Cow Play Cow Moo, we hope they will be able to receive their surprise gift.

For those who love going to the arcade to play, do remember to fold your tickets nicely or use a basket to avoid such a struggle.

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Featured image adapted from Cow Play Cow Moo on Facebook