S’pore Woman Shares How Non-Chinese Shoppers Can Shop On Taobao For Cheap Furniture

How To Use Taobao If You Are A Non-Chinese

Furniture shopping is usually an additional strain on the wallets of many homeowners, as they will need these fixtures to fill up the space and use them for daily activities.

This is where Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao comes to the rescue, said a female homeowner in Singapore. However, as a non-Chinese, she needed the help of other apps to access the affordable options on Taobao.

In a TikTok video, she now shares her Taobao tips with other shoppers like herself.


How to Buy Furniture on Taobao Without Mandarin Skills! Step by Step Guide: 1️⃣🤔 **The Challenge**: Buying furniture on Taobao without Mandarin skills can be daunting. 2️⃣🔍 **Step 1 – Research**: First, thoroughly research the furniture you need. 🔍 3️⃣🛒 **Step 2 – Taobao Search**: Use Taobao’s search bar to find your desired items. 📦 4️⃣🔤 **Step 3 – Translation Tools**: Utilize translation apps or browser extensions for product descriptions. 📱 5️⃣📤 **Step 4 – Chat with Sellers**: Communicate with sellers using simple English or translation apps. 🗣️ 6️⃣💳 **Step 5 – Payment**: Set up Alipay or another payment method for secure transactions. 💳 7️⃣🚢 **Step 6 – Shipping**: Choose a reliable shipping method and input your address. 📦 8️⃣📬 **Step 7 – Delivery**: Track your order and receive updates. 🚚 9️⃣👍 **Step 8 – Quality Check**: Upon delivery, inspect your furniture for any damage. 🔍 🌟 **Benefits**: Buying from Taobao offers great deals and unique furniture pieces. 💰 🌐 **Accessibility**: This guide ensures everyone can access Taobao’s treasures, language barrier or not! 🌍 Feel free to ask for more details on any step! 😊 . #fyp #taobao #taobaohaul #taobaofurniture #homeowner

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Besides the Taobao app, you only need to supplement your shopping experience with Pinterest and Google Translate.

Use Pinterest & Google Translate to help with the Taobao furniture buying experience as a non-Chinese

Having just bought her three-room flat, she recounted in the video how someone had recommended Taobao for affordable furniture options.

But, her inability to read and understand Chinese was a barrier between her and the cheap furniture. That was until she figured out how to make it work for her.

taobao non chinese

Source: TikTok

Hence, she is making this video to share her tips on using Taobao to help fellow non-Chinese shoppers like her.

According to the homeowner, all you need are these three apps:

  • Pinterest
  • Taobao
  • Google Translate

Screenshot furniture ideas from Pinterest & translate reviews on Google Translate

Firstly, take a gander through Pinterest and find the kind of furniture you are looking for.

Take a screenshot of the item on Pinterest before opening the Taobao app.

Source: TikTok

Launch the camera function on Taobao and upload the screenshot.

taobao non-chinese

Source: TikTok

From there, the e-commerce app will help you find similar types, if not the exact copy, of furniture as the ones you had your eye on.

To look at product reviews or communicate with sellers on Taobao listings, screenshot the conversation and upload it onto the Google Translate app.

Source: TikTok

Wrapping up her quick tutorial, the homeowner said, “So that’s how you Taobao. I hope you enjoy it and save money man! You will need it!”

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