S’pore Telegram Bot Suggests Dishes & Cafés Nearby So You Can Decide What To Eat For Lunch

Useful Telegram Bot Helps Singaporeans Decide What To Eat

Singaporeans often face the dilemma of choosing what to eat for lunch and dinner due to the myriad of delicious options we have in Singapore.

Sometimes, it is easier to let someone else decide instead. It could be your SO, your foodie friend, or in this case — a bot.

Telegram users, rejoice, for this bot exists on your primary messaging platform. It is created by Reddit user /u/jasaaan, which will help alleviate food-choosing dilemmas from here on.

Let’s check out what this bot has to offer.

Telegram bot has food & café suggestions

Shared on Singapore’s subreddit on Saturday (9 Jan), Redditor /u/jasaaan said he’s created the @EatWhatSiaBot Telegram bot to help people decide what to eat.


In this post, he stated that while the bot is now up and running, it is still in its beta mode. Changes are underway, as he is hoping for more user contributions to make it a more well-rounded bot.

The screenshot he shared showed simplicity in user interface.

And so, the people at MS News put it to the test.

Communicate with bot by choosing from list of options

All you got to do is to talk to the bot, and click start.

Image by MS News

The bot will reply almost instantaneously.

Image by MS News

You will be given a list of options to select from upon typing “/”.

Image by MS News

Let’s try it out, shall we?

This telegram bot is halal friendly, though the halal option can be toggled on and off by simply choosing the “/halal” option.

Image by MS News

Funny answers to “what to eat?” question

The quintessential essence of the existence of this bot — what to eat?

The bot replies with banter upon clicking onto /whattoeat. 5 options pops out from under.

Image by MS News

If you’re undecided on a cuisine, you can just click “Surprise”.

Image by MS News

It’s okay if you’re still not in the mood for mee pok. Click “Something else” for the next recommendation.

Image by MS News

Economical bee hoon is always yummy. Say “Thanks” to the bot, and you’re good to go.

Location not an issue

Need a location based off a location of your choice? Just click onto “/nearby”. You can either choose to share your location, enter your postal code or click onto any 5 main geographical segmentation.

Image by MS News

We opted to share our location to see how accurate the bot is.

Image by MS News

Our local Punggol resident writer can attest to these recommendations.

Image by MS News

Praised by netizens

One user commented that this was a great initiative for foreigners/expatriates who are looking to discover new dishes and food establishments in Singapore.


This user thinks that his girlfriend would benefit greatly from the bot.


Another made a comment in jest that his indecisiveness would still struggle even with the help of the Telegram bot.


Thankful for innovative humans

With technology constantly evolving everyday, we are grateful for kind and creative souls who spend time creating stuff that makes life easier for all of us.

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On behalf of all of fickle-minded souls, we thank you creators for your service.

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Featured image adapted from @EatWhatSia and by MS News.

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