Selfless Thai Father Dies In 9°C Weather After Giving Daughter All 3 Blankets To Keep Warm

Thai Father Dies In His Sleep After Wearing Only A Long-Sleeved Shirt & Shorts In 9°C Weather

Temperatures in the northeast region of Thailand were expected to reach temperatures as low as 7°C in December.

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In Bueng Kan province, located in that district, a Thai father allegedly froze to death after selflessly giving all the blankets he had to his daughter.

Unfortunately, his body could not withstand the 9°C weather and he tragically died in his sleep, reported Khaosod.

 Father and daughter were exposed to the cold

The father, Prasarn Homthong, 38, was sleeping with his 8-year-old daughter Panwira Noipha in their house which was undergoing renovation.


The house allegedly did not have any doors or windows, which may have further exposed the pair to the cold wind by allowing wind to enter.

Thai father gave all the blankets to daughter

Prasarn gave 3 blankets to his young daughter, thinking he would be able to stand the cold.

Those were all the blankets they had in the house, so he simply slept on a mat, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and shorts.

Panwira woke up in the middle of the night and gave her father a piece of blanket and found her father’s body curled up and cool to the touch.


When she shook him, he apparently did not respond.

She went to inform her older sister who was with their relatives next door. It was then that they realised he was gone.

He could not adapt to the cold

According to Khaosod, Prasarn was dead for at most 8 hours before he was found dead.

A medical examiner later added that Prasarn’s death was likely due to his body’s inability to adapt to the cold.

The temperature at Prasarn’s area was around 9°C that night, reports Khaosod.

Prasarn’s body was handed over to his relatives for funeral rites to be carried out.

Rest in peace, Prasarn

Prasarn’s sacrifice shows that a parent’s love for his or her children knows no bounds.

MS News offers our deepest condolences to Prasarn’s family. We hope that both Noipha and her older sister will grow up healthily.

Featured image adapted from Khaosod.

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