Tharman Fist Bumps Chee Soon Juan On Walkabout, Shows True Spirit Of Elections

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PAP’s Tharman Meets SDP’s Chee Soon Juan & They Share A Fist Bump

Amidst talk of differing opinions in the context of a political debate — tensions may rise as our parties have alternate stances.

That’s why this moment of spontaneous sportsmanship arising from a fist bump between Dr Chee Soon Juan & Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam has touched netizens’ hearts.

In a thread on Reddit, user u/shian243 shared this snapshot of masked politicians sharing a brief interaction while on the campaign trail on Sunday (5 Jul).


Here’s exactly why we need more moments like this, as our nation is all in this together, regardless of our ideological differences as individuals.

Chance encounter on a walkabout

Although the Reddit snapshot was shared without further details, the encounter seems to have happened near a heartland estate.

Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam is pictured masked up & bespectacled, donning a full white ensemble, reppin’ the People’s Action Party (PAP).


He seems to have stretched out his fist in a gesture of solidarity towards Dr Chee.

Dr Chee Soon Juan was spotted in a bright red Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) polo T-shirt and khaki pants, stretching out to meet his greeting in return.

Heartwarming gesture of solidarity

The moment was quickly captured on camera — even as supporters on both sides rallied around the duo.

Netizen reactions were swift, calling the moment one for the books.


Some mentioned that this was also what the true spirit of the election should be about.


And finally, this netizen shared thoughts on how Senior Minister Tharman remained his or her Prime Minister candidate of choice.

True spirit of the elections

Regardless of our ideological differences, we can hopefully set aside any residual tensions & find a way forward for Singapore amidst the ongoing pandemic & recession.

We do hope that this is the start of a reconciliation between our ruling party and SDP’s dispute over the veracity of the “10 million population” comment.

What do you think of this moment captured by PAP & SDP supporters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Reddit.

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