S’porean Man Uses Tinder To Recommend Books, Will Match You With Your Genre Of Choice

Singaporean Man Uses Tinder As A Medium To Recommend Books

Tinder — we know it as the most popular dating app that one uses to seek companionship, dates, and flings.

However, a Singaporean man decided to use the dating platform to recommend books to whoever swipes ‘right’ on his profile.

If you’ve been diligently swiping left and right recently, you may have noticed a peculiar profile called ‘Will Recommend Books’.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

His profile states that he’s here to recommend books based on your personality and preferences—just like Spotify, but for books.

And no, there’s no hidden agenda behind his initiative.

Man asks for genres & readily recommends books upon being matched

An MS News reader, who is an avid reader, shared with us her wholesome encounter with the Tinder account owner, who wants to be known as Dorian.

He first led on with book recommendations. Dorian – being a well-read person – was open to the idea of discussing any sort of books based on his match’s genre of choice.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

When the reader responded with her favourite genres, not only did he suggested a book recommendation, but he also gave a synopsis.


Image courtesy of MS News reader

This isn’t just a short-term endeavour, apparently. Dorian said he’s had plenty of such encounters with his matches — both debatably good and bad. You be the judge.

He’s even well versed in non-fiction and self-help books.

Image courtesy of Dorian

Suggest your favourite TV show to him, and he’d probably have a book suggestion right up your alley in a second.

Image courtesy of Dorian

Some continue to have R21 conversations with him

Unfortunately, as with some Tinder dates, not everything will go according to plan.

Dorian mentioned that while there were people who take his account seriously, there were also plenty of others who do not.

Some continued to instigate sexual conversations with him, to which he cheekily responded, “I’m here to talk about books, not boobs.”

Image courtesy of Dorian

Sometimes, there were also dubious messages like this.

Image courtesy of Dorian

However, he said he would block such accounts immediately.

Uses Tinder to recommend books as an initiative

Speaking to MS News, the owner of the profile, Dorian, said he’s a managing editor and has been in journalism for 11 years now.

When asked why he chose to start this initiative, he said he believes that proper civil discourse stems from an intelligent society, and intelligence “constitutes the ability to think critically and come up with appropriate conclusions”.

According to Dorian, studies have shown that reading enhances such abilities that other forms of entertainment, such as TV and music, cannot.

However, this is not to say that social media like TikTok and Instagram are inherently bad.


Dorian mentioned that while these are superb tools for entertainment, they aren’t necessarily the best for information.

Turned to Tinder after his Telegram bot failed

Before turning to Tinder, Dorian first attempted to make a Telegram bot but unfortunately, it did not lead to fruition.

Hence, he turned to Tinder.

According to reports, there are 689 million users using the app globally — a pretty hefty number that accounts for plenty of demographics worldwide.

Surprisingly creative way to encourage reading among society

Reading is a dying art. With the stressors of work and other responsibilities, many people would prefer easy entertainment like Netflix and social media.

However, books have the ability to take you on a great adventure too.

So kudos to Dorian for his wholesome initiative, albeit on an unexpected platform. If you’re on Tinder, try swiping right and have a chat.

You’ll never know if your match would be one for the books.

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Featured image adapted from Unsplash and courtesy of MS News reader.

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